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We help sales, marketing, and customer service teams like yours work smarter. Check out our Salesforce consultancy, configuration, design, and development services below to see if we’re a match.

Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

If you're looking to grow your business online, we can help you make sure you're giving your buyers the best experience by making each touchpoint simple, seamless and relevant.

Boost your revenue with online purchasing that's both simple to use and beautiful. With our UX web design and Salesforce development know-how, we'll create something special for your users that offers them a seamless, self-service experience of online shopping with all the B2B functionality they need.


Master digital transformation with B2B Commerce built on Salesforce

Master digital transformation with B2B Commerce built on Salesforce.

Boost your revenue with online purchasing that's both simple to use and beautiful. With our UX web design and Salesforce development know-how, we'll create something special for your users that offers them a seamless, self-service experience of online shopping with all the B2B functionality they need.


Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM)

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you keep track of, manage and prioritise your leads and customers in one handy place. It’s designed to significantly reduce the amount of time your sales team spends on non-selling tasks by helping them sell smarter, faster and in the way they want. Plus, it’s completely mobile so busy salespeople can close deals on the go. As a Salesforce partner agency, we’ll help you set up and develop your CRM to align with your unique sales process, so you can both simplify and speed up sales


Discover why Salesforce is the World's #1 CRM


Learn more about our Sales Cloud Quick Start package


Salesforce Communities

Build branded, lightning-fast Communities that look and feel great. Our self-confessed 'Salesforce geeks' will help you engage your customers, partners and employees in the best way, so you can provide them with a perfect digital experience.

With one of our stunning, intelligently-designed Salesforce Communities, you can amp up your service, log support tickets, sell products, provide easy access to information, allow peer-to-peer collaboration, and so much more. As a Salesforce partner agency, we’ll help you give your customers, partners and employees the gorgeous self-service website they really want.


Success Story

See how oe:gen helped Chance to Shine achieve a platform for lesson plans and educational content, drive efficiency, and increase their reach.


Salesforce Pardot

With Pardot, you’ll effortlessly create personalised emails, enticing landing pages, engaging lead nurturing programs, and be able to qualify your prospects to see who’s ready to be passed onto Sales. As a Salesforce partner with design expertise, we’ll get you set up with Pardot or design a better brand experience for your existing one, so you can create those essential marketing campaigns that grow demand, nurture leads, and drive results.


Pardot design support

Do you just want a more seamless brand experience for your existing Pardot landing pages, forms and emails? Design agencies don’t know Pardot, and Pardot implementation partners don’t know design. But we do both. Chat to us about Pardot design support today!


Get the most out of Pardot

Pardot marketing automation by Salesforce puts everything you need to generate demand, nurture leads, and drive results in one easy to use interface. Grab the guide to Pardot's features below!


Salesforce Service Cloud

Want to increase customer loyalty, retention and satisfaction? Of course you do. With Service Cloud, you can transform the way your agents manage their cases and communicate with your customers; improve case management, gain clearer communication, and resolve issues quicker, from anywhere. 


Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service and support application which helps your support team keep your customers happy — without going crazy trying to keep up with multiple channels of communication. As a Salesforce partner agency, we’ll help you set up and develop Salesforce Service to improve the way your agents manage cases and communicate with your customers.


Give them the tools they need to deliver the best customer experience

Start increasing loyalty, retention and satisfaction with this free Service Cloud planning template.  


Field Service Lightning

Running an installation, maintenance or service team means managing multiple moving parts on the go. With Field Service Lightning (FSL), you'll get everything you need to manage your work orders, scheduling, and mobile team in 2020 — all packaged up in one easy-to-use management tool from the Service Cloud suite. 


Salesforce Lightning Transition

Salesforce Classic is dead, folks. And it’s not coming back. If you want to reap all the shiny new benefits of Lightning Experience but are feeling a bit out of your depth, it’s totally understandable. Transitioning to Lightning is not an easy thing to do, especially if you’ve got lots of Classic-loving users. That’s why we now provide Salesforce Lightning transition as one of our expert services. 

We can help you transition teams of any size to an intelligent, intuitive, and visually stunning user interface that speeds up their processes and helps users work in their own unique way. 


Go from Classic to Lightning Experience, without the headache.

Grab this free guide for tips, tools, and strategy when switching from Classic to Lightning.


Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack


Increasingly, charities and Not-For-Profits (NFPs) are turning to to help them manage donor relationships, fundraising, volunteering, campaigns, events, collaborate better internally, and generally do more good. 

oe:gen is a registered partner offering advice, planning, design, and implementation for any charity or NFP organisation using or considering SalesforceWe'll support you in managing donor relationships, fundraising, volunteering, campaigns, events, and more.

Charities such as Samaritans, The Royal National Institute of Blind People and The Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations have already started using it to successfully to manage their orgs. And we've recently implemented it for NFPs like Ambition School Leadership, Business and Human Rights Resource Centre, Chartered Management Institute and Chance to Shine. 

We know that not all NFPs are the same, just as all for-profits aren't. Having years of experience implementing Salesforce for both, we know there are so many individual factors to consider with each unique organisation. 

Check out our Success Stories to learn about all the people and causes we've helped succeed with Salesforce, so far!


Success Story

Ambition School Leadership were looking for a partner to gather the requirements of, design and build their new Community. Learn how oe:gen helped.


Onboarding Accelerator

Want a perfect snapshot into the UX improvements we can make to your Salesforce org?

Our Accelerators are ready-made tools for your Salesforce Community that have been expertly pre-created by our team of talented developers with common user challenges in mind.  

The first Accelerator we’ve developed is the Onboarding Accelerator - a business-agnostic sign-up form which can be deployed and configured to your existing Community in under two weeks.


No matter what your Community is for, this Onboarding Accelerator can help you save time, money, and give your users the easy, self-serve experience they love.  


Essential Salesforce improvements, accelerated. 

Want a demo? We'd love to show this off! Contact us today to see what the Onboarding Accelerator can do for your business. 


Managed Services

How does it work?

We know it’s really tricky to find good Salesforce people to hire for your ongoing support needs.

Perhaps you don’t need a full-time person for the job, but you’re too busy to support the system yourself.

Or maybe you have an in-house team that feels a bit out of their comfort zone and needs a helping hand with some of the more complex bits.

Our 25-strong team of Salesforce experts can help your team upskill with training, and support your Salesforce with configuration, consultation, design, workflows, Apex, Triggers, Lightning Components and more.

We work alongside Salesforce Support to help you get the most out of your system. Here’s how our Salesforce Managed Services work.

Consultation day

First, we'll come to you for an on-site consultation so we can find out what success with Salesforce looks like for you. During this time, we'll talk through how you might already be using Salesforce and understand your goals.

Mapping out your vision

After we've delved into your vision, we'll mould a road map around your goals to set priorities and create a backlog of tasks.

Agreeing your support slots

Next, we'll agree a daily, weekly, or bi-weekly support slot that's best for your schedule on-site or remotely.

Providing support

Working with your recommendations and Readiness Check, we’ll identify the team or teams that would be negatively impacted the least by transitioning to Lightning. Which users are a good fit for the initial rollout, and which aren’t?


Why choose a Salesforce managed service?

As a Salesforce partner agency, we offer Salesforce support management or, as some people know it as — ‘service-level agreement (SLA)’. This means you’ll receive expert, ongoing support for your Salesforce org from a team of people who are dedicated to your vision. 

Your quarterly review

After each quarter, you'll have a detailed review with your dedicated account director and consultant. Here's where we'll refine your goals and objectives for the next quarter.

Rinse and repeat

This process will then loop until the end of your contract!


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Marketing Cloud

With Marketing Cloud from Salesforce, you'll be armed with a complete set of marketing tools to launch into the future with.

Identify the right customers and engage them with AI-powered predictive recommendations.

Create customer-centric 1-1 digital journeys that are integrated with your brand across advertising, marketing commerce, sales, service and apps at each and every touchpoint.


Plus, you'll make it easier than ever to create and execute these cross-channel campaigns with beautiful pre-built templates, streamlined messaging flows, and mobile apps to create and execute cross-channel campaigns.


Prepare Marketing for every changing tide.

Elevate your digital marketing with smarter, relevant, and more personal customer journeys in 2020.