• Emily Malone

Your February updates from oe:gen

And so, February is here, and my second month at the helm begins. January was exciting for us, as we got our strategy for the next 24 months started and the team fully motivated behind it. It now feels like the real work begins — keeping that momentum going and delivering actual results.

The devil is in the detail

The excitement that comes with change helps keep that momentum going, and engaging regularly with team members enforces this too. But the important thing is to deliver specific measurable results with a plan.

The devil really is in the detail, so the saying goes, and detail is something where, as a company, we’ve probably not done enough of. Giving the team clearly defined goals and targets of what the company must achieve, then how this filters down to individuals is essential. And then breaking this into short, medium and long-term goals. All sounds obvious doesn’t it, but we’ve been guilty, like many others, of not doing this.

Personally, I’ve never been great at the detail, I just like to talk a lot and be the catalyst for ideas, then let smarter people than myself sort it out. At oe:gen, we have a talented bunch of people who I trust to deliver on the goals we’ve defined, but go much further than that. Giving them a clear vision/strategy of what we’re wanting to do, coupled with a level of autonomy, means they can deliver.

What we’ve been up to so far

Our first priorities have been to realign our product offering, including putting together our Salesforce “Quick Start” packages. These are packages aimed at SMEs to get them up and running with Salesforce at an affordable price. Now we’re reviewing our processing to make sure we can deliver projects and services more efficiently. This is where having a great team you trust helps; they’re all keen to contribute and explore ways we can deliver better. Katie will go into more detail on this in her ongoing blog posts.

Our marketing team are focused too, and they’re already delivering results. One thing we all wanted was an update to our website, and the guys have delivered on this. We all certainly like it, but we’d love any feedback! We’ll be continuing to update this as the year goes on, refining and redesigning sections of the site as our business learns and grows.

Diversity in Tech

Another part of our strategy which I’m keen to make happen this year is to encourage more women to join our industry. And with it being the centenary of women getting the vote in this country, I thought this rather timely.

I’m not a political person, and don’t pretend to know everything on this issue… but that’s never stopped anyone from voicing an opinion. I find it incredible that it’s only a hundred years since women got the vote, and then it was limited to only a few. There’s obviously been massive strides been made since then, but there’s still not parity between the sexes. And in the current climate of so many harassment allegations, it shows there’s a way to go.

I’ve always felt the tech industry is a great one for everyone to get involved in. Even though it’s a space still predominately occupied by men, it’s still a new industry and one where women can achieve the same as men. I hope in our own little way, we can help women see the benefits of a job in IT.

Speaking with my partner last night, she expressed how she couldn’t imagine living in a time where women’s rights barely existed, career opportunities were pretty much being a wife and mother, and women had to know their place… usually several steps behind a man! She did also say she couldn’t imagine living without her iPhone. I guess that’s progress…