• Emily Malone

Women in tech: taking a closer look at the gender pay gap in 2017

So this year we’ve learnt that despite it being 2017, there are still too many glass ceilings to smash. Unfortunately, this reality is also blindingly clear when we delve into the realm of tech — an industry still largely dominated by men.

Globally, women still only make up less than 20% of the tech industry. What’s more, almost half (44%) of women in tech roles believe men are rewarded with higher pay, despite being of equal skill and experience. That is, according to a new report released at Dreamforce by Mason Frank International this year.

The annual study uses a collection of data from 3714 survey respondents from the Salesforce ecosystem to create an annual report that benchmarks salaries, market trends and explores the Salesforce community culture.

It’s been revealed that just under a third of respondents feel their company doesn’t have a fair representation of both genders, with 39% of respondents saying they don’t believe there’s a fair representation of women at a senior board level.

In open-ended responses, they also commented that there’s a lack of female leadership and management; women need to be seen more across executive and managerial positions in Salesforce teams.

What can we do?

Since raising awareness for diversity and investing around $3 million into reviewing, analysing, and amending salaries based on fair distribution in 2015, Salesforce has become a well-known champion of equality.

Their focus was on closing the gender pay gap in technology for good. This year, after acquiring new business, they reviewed their pay and adjusted it further, with increased investment.

At oe:gen, we also want to do whatever we can to close this gender gap in tech. We want to spread the word to dig out the stigma that’s deeply embedded into our industry.

Conversation helps get rid of ignorance, so just talking about it can help people become aware of their own, possibly subconscious bias in the workplace. It’ll also help young women recognise tech as an industry for them when deciding on their careers.

This is exactly why, next year, we’ll be planning on organising a quarterly women in tech user group event for the Nottinghamshire area. It’ll be a place where we can gather to talk about topics around women in tech, explore career paths, network and share knowledge in a friendly, fun and supportive environment. If you’d like to be a part of this or want to present at the event, let us know!

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