• Emily Malone

What went down at the Nottingham Salesforce User Group

Last week, we hosted the Spring Salesforce User Group in Nottingham. Here’s a little recap of what happened on the day.

We’ve been promised a very acceptable 23 degrees today 😎

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A (very literally) warm welcome

The sun most definitely had his hat on last Thursday. We began the gorgeous afternoon with a warm welcome from Paul. Then, our Salesforce Account Manager, Owen McCabe, took the floor to give us insight into how Salesforce is structured in the UK. Owen is an Account Executive and ‘Startup-to-Scaleup’ specialist at Salesforce. He supports businesses (like us!) in the UK Northern region in consulting on how to leverage the Salesforce platform to assist with growth and scale. Ever wondered why in February you always seem to get a new account executive, or how SMB, commercial, and enterprise differs? Or hell, what even is an SE? Owen kick-started the afternoon with answers to all our questions regarding the Salesforce way.

Ryan Tait on using Salesforce for time sheets! 😎 #salesforce #salesforceusergroup #nottingham

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Salesforce APIs

We then had our very own Adam Hayden up talking to us about Salesforce APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), which specify how software components should interact with each other. Popular APIs are things like Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Adam told us how we can use APIs with Salesforce and what to do if we need a deeper, more customised kind of integration, with some real-world examples to boot.

The highly-anticipated Krispy Kremes and coffee break

Next it was time for a break to stuff our faces with the Krispy Kremes I went on an epic quest to find that very morning. Check out our Instagram story highlight: ‘events‘ on the mobile app to experience this arduous and confusing journey with me, your Krispy Kreme Frodo.


An internal case study

After the break, we had Ryan Tait demonstrating how we used Salesforce to build our own time-logging system. Timesheets is a place for us to record how long we spend on specific tasks, so we can get more insight into how much time and money we’re spending on our work. But our old system was a custom-built web-based thing which was clunky, unresponsive, and therefore not very user-friendly. So we set out to see what capabilities Salesforce offered us, and it turns out that it’s much, much better. You can read more about this in Ryan’s blog, right here.

Break time! #salesforceusergroup #salesforce #krispykreme #doughnuts

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Stolen cars and accounts system integrations

Bit of a weird combo there, but tying in nicely with Adam’s presentation, it was then time for Jo Milton, COO of Breadwinner to talk to us about connecting Salesforce with accounts systems. This was followed by a deep dive into her company’s Salesforce-to-Xero integration solution. Jo travelled from the south for her presentation, and on arrival, told us about her classic welcome into Nottingham via witnessing a police car-chase and ultimate crash. Ahhh, Nottingham.

Jo Milton from Breadwinner chatting to us about Salesforce integrations! #salesforce #salesforceusergroup

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Field Service Lightning

After that, Owen McCabe chatted to us about Salesforce Field Service Lightning, which connects workforces to help deliver intelligent and productive on-site service. He talked us through how using the mobile solution can improve your on-site job management. It’s said to deliver real-time collaboration, with access to job schedules, van inventory, knowledge articles and more — with or without the internet! We’ll be posting more about this exciting feature very soon, so stay tuned!

We ended the day with networking, a bite to eat, and beverages to celebrate the contrast of weather we had compared to the previous, very snowy, and VERY cancelled user group event back in March. We honestly woke up a bit like this:


Upcoming events

The next Salesforce User Group event will be held here on Wednesday 20th June, and we’ll also be hosting our first Nottingham Women in Tech event on Thursday 27th June! We’ll be posting more details and sending out invites within the next couple of weeks, so keep a clear schedule for those afternoons if you fancy coming along!