• Emily Malone

What we’re looking forward to at Dreamforce ’17

It’s time for the annual Salesforce event, Dreamforce! Our CRO, Paul, is over in San Francisco right now, but like the good ol’ Salesforce geeks we are, we’re most definitely watching along back home. Here are a few recommended sessions we’re really looking forward to catching.

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1. Support at the speed of social: Salesforce delivering social customer care

Social listening has become a vital necessity for any company eager to keep their loyal customers happy. Social is now not only the main marketing distribution method — it’s also become the preferred method of customer support, because it’s deemed a much faster form of communication. This talk promises to teach us how we can use Social Studio and Service Cloud to provide customer care at the speed of social.

2. Live demo: Nonprofit marketing and engagement – Pardot

A live video demo from a Solutions Engineer of Salesforce Pardot marketing automation, specifically for nonprofits! We’re looking forward to this one, so we can learn all the tools needed to create, deploy, and manage online campaigns that drive real results for fundraising and programmes. That way, we can teach our nonprofit clients the very same!

3. Dreamtalk: Making Blockchain useful for Enterprise

Balaji Srinivasan — the CEO of Earn.com and Board Partner at Andreessen Horowitz— will be dreamtalkin’ about how blockchains are becoming useful for the enterprise. In this innovative talk, he’ll be showing examples of new blockchain-powered ways to register domains and browse the web.

4. A conversation with former First Lady Michelle Obama

We saw her at Inbound this year, but we’re still definitely up for watching her converse with Chairman and CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff. I mean, it’s Michelle Obama, for Christ’s sake.


5. Salesforce for Developers keynote: Build faster and smarter with Salesforce

Applications do wonders for employee productivity and customer engagement. This keynote aims to show us the future of Salesforce development and to teach us how to deliver smarter customer apps, quicker and easier.

6. Service Cloud keynote: Transform your service with the #1 service platform

As customer expectations continue to rise, customer service need to empower agents with the skills and tools to keep up. This keynote will go through the latest innovations, such as Lightning and Einstein for service. Plus, trailblazing executives from KONE, Hulu, and Marriott will tell us how they’re using the Service Cloud platform to engage customers across every channel and differentiate their brands.

7. Sales Cloud Keynote: Meet the full power of the #1 sales platform

Freeing up reps to spend time on what they do best is the key to an intelligent sales process. And building customer relationships is easier to do with the right tools. This talk comes from two product leaders and trailblazing executives from T-Mobile and Make-a-Wish, who want to show us how Sales Cloud and Einstein AI empowers companies to guide reps as they build pipeline, close deals, and create advocates.

8. Your small business can build a data-driven culture

As we’re all about growth-driven, data-driven design, we’re intrigued by this one. Data is everything; from the sales and marketing touch points we have with our customers, to the interactions customers have with our websites, to the transactions that make our business possible. This talk comes via two data-savvy ladies from HotelTonight, who have created a data-driven culture that encourages team members to think hard about measuring actions and results.

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9. Quip keynote: The modern collaboration platform

To transform our relationships with our customers, we’ve also got to think about how our teams work. Quip unifies content and communication in some cool new ways, and this session promises to share product news and updates on that.

Of course, there are loads of other exciting topics being covered off this Dreamforce. With more than 2,500 break-out sessions and keynotes from Salesforce’s Marc Benioff, Ashton Kutcher, will.i.am and so much more, the week ahead is jam-packed full of interesting stuff.

You can tune in with us LIVE via this linkPaul’s going to be in San Francisco for the conference all week, so if you’re around, say hello! If not, follow his shenanigans on our Instagram!