• Emily Malone

What we learned at the Nottingham Salesforce Women in Tech

Yesterday at the Nottingham Salesforce Women in Tech I found myself yet again surrounded by a wonderfully supportive, inspiring bunch of excellent people.

From Rebena we learned how to package up our strengths to build our brand credibility. We also learned that perhaps we need to shout about the seemingly ‘obvious’ stuff a bit more — because what’s obvious to us might not be obvious to everyone else.

Just thinking about all the ‘micro learning’ documents I have created in the past and how I will be remembered in the future based on how helpful they are … really interesting talk from @RebenaSanghera at #SFwitnotts event @oegen pic.twitter.com/Coi4YLGuWg — NoodleK (@NoodleK11) October 9, 2019

Arianne taught us that great minds DON’T all think alike. She used her history of ‘epic fails’ to remind us that some of the best successes come from being brave enough to try and accept potential failure. “Make the crazy decision! Do the mad thing!”

She also spoke about Kintsukuroi — the art of repairing broken pottery with gold and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken. We should all view ourselves like this when we feel we’ve failed…

Learnt quite a lot about from @ArianneDonoghue about diversity and self empowerment – Excellent! #sfwitnotts pic.twitter.com/gvzZqziyVL — Rebena Sanghera (@RebenaSanghera) October 9, 2019

Jo showed us how to “cut the crap” — how valuing your own time and prioritising the things that are most important to you will help you become more productive and happier. Also why, sometimes, being contactable every minute of the day via every app under the sun isn’t doing us any favours, personally or professionally. We were also introduced to The Eisenhower Matrix!

Learning about cutting out the many communications mediums to help you focus on what’s important and being more productive #sfwitnotts @oegen pic.twitter.com/RmlTGpFDVr — NoodleK (@NoodleK11) October 9, 2019

And to quote Lucy Pickering’s Tweet from the day, Susan concluded ‘an inspiring afternoon of talks about knowing yourself, learning from failure and building resilience’ with a fun, inspiring recap of her entrepreneurial journey. From Susan we learned that to build a successful entrepreneurial career, we need to be resilient, put in the hard work, surround ourselves with the best people, and always follow our ‘north-star’ values. And while having processes and systems in place is great for business, we need to make sure we’re not processing the creativity out of our teams.

“She’s a staaar” @SusanHallam concluding an inspiring afternoon of talks about knowing yourself, learning from failure and building resilience. #SFWiTNotts pic.twitter.com/ZL3RpmclaK — Lucy Pickering (@MsLucyKate) October 9, 2019

To those that came along yesterday — thank you for your support, company and Tweets! We hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did.

To my lovely colleagues who helped us pull this off despite a couple of (hopefully unnoticeable) snags on my part (if you know you know) — thank you for always helping us run this crazy show smoothly.

To our brilliant speakers — I cannot even. You guys rock.

And to those that missed it this time — I feel like I can never do these ladies justice in my attempt to recap. So you’re honestly better off coming to witness these quarterly events for yourself. To do just that, you can sign up to the Trailblazer community here to get notified about our next one via email! They’re always totally free to keep them as accessible as possible.

What would you like to see more of next time? What topics would you most like us to cover? Let us know in the comments below!