• Emily Malone

What is Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, designed to support your sales, marketing and customer support teams. It’s pretty much the Swiss-Army knife of CRMs — bringing all of your customer information together in an all-in-one platform that incorporates marketing, lead generation, sales, customer service and business analytics. Plus, you get access to the insane amount of applications available through the AppExchange. Here are some of the best things about Sales Cloud.

1. It’s got an amazing user experience

It can be a total pain getting your sales and marketing teams used to a new platform, but Sales Cloud is flexible and intuitive enough for them to get to grips with quickly. For admins, it also offers a framework to build Salesforce apps much faster. And for developers, it uses Lightning Developer Services to help them quickly create apps for use cases, and reuse code across components easily, without breaking their customisations.


2. It’s AI-powered

Salesforce Einstein uses artificial intelligence and the data you already have to help bring your your sales process into 2018. It automatically captures your data and gives you instant insights, next steps, and suggested actions based off of repeated behaviours. This helps you truly connect with your customers with a unique, insightful way.

3. It’s customisable

Anyone can tailor the Sales Cloud user interface to fit their specific needs. So if you need certain reports on your dashboard or need it to integrate with other systems, it’s speedy, user-friendly and flexible enough to do so.

4. It’s easy to create detailed reports with

Sales Cloud’s reports and dashboards give you a real-time picture of your entire business at one aesthetically-pleasing glance. Its drag-and-drop functionality means you can create attractive, detailed, and tailored reports quickly and easily, without needing any extra help from IT. Plus, you can access them from anywhere you need to, meaning if you’ve got a critical decision to make but you’re not at your desk, you can still check on your key business metrics quickly to get what you need.


5. It provides ongoing support

Reps can get instant support to answer any questions they have about skilling up with Sales Cloud. They can find anything, from any file source, using intelligent search and collaboration tools. Plus, there’s Trailhead, which provides a gamified series of modules for specific areas of the platform, organised in a guided learning ‘trail’ so you can become a master at all things Salesforce in a fun kind of way.

6. It’s Cloud-based

Sales Cloud helps teams boost sales productivity by providing seamless, real-time visibility of all their accounts and live-data via the Cloud. That means reps get to see everything they need to, whenever they need it, on whatever device they choose. You can collaborate, close deals, launch marketing campaigns, service customers, and track performances from anywhere.

salesforce mobile

7. It’s trusted

Salesforce is actually the word’s most trusted and secure cloud platform, as it’s capable of amazing security and compliance control over everything from user and client authentication, to administrative permissions, to data access and encryption. This means you can be certain you’re meeting compliance and security standards for the most regulated industries, helping you build confidence, trust, and security for your business.

Better customer relationship management and team communication helps you increase lead conversion, close more deals, and deliver the greatest ROI around. Luckily, we know everything there is to know about Sales Cloud, so you’ve got any questions about how it can transform your sales process, give us a shout!

*Images sourced from Salesforce.com