• Emily Malone

What is Pardot?

Born into the Salesforce family, Pardot is a marketing automation platform designed to help b2b marketers of all sizes amp up their inbound efforts. It’s built on the World’s #1 CRM platform and is designed to be super easy to use, with an intuitive interface that guides you into building effective marketing campaigns. You can create amazing marketing campaigns, track and report on the effects of those campaigns, bridge the gap between marketing and sales, optimise from your results, and so much more.

What can Pardot be used for?

Streamlined Lead management

  1. Lead nurturing

Pardot is perfect for lead nurturing. It tracks your prospects as they interact with your company across all your marketing channels, so you can really tailor your outreach and nurture those most-engaged leads.

  1. Lead qualification

Pardot lead qualification helps you qualify your prospects, so you can focus on which visitors are ready to close and which need a little more nurturing before they convert to a sales-qualified lead.

  1. Segmentation and automation

Not all prospects are the same, so why market to them with the same generic stuff? Pardot’s segmentation and automation tools help you segment certain prospects based on rules you set, and automate timely, relevant content to them.

  1. Dynamic content

This one’s for giving a more personalised touch to your comms. Pardot lets you automatically personalise forms, landing pages, emails and websites for each prospect using dynamic content that matches the criteria you set — such as industry, job title, name, etc.

Smarter lead generation

  1. Landing page builder

Pardot has ready-made templates and a visual editor for user-friendly landing page creations. But you can also create custom layouts if you need that extra branding.

  1. Smart forms

Pardot’s smart forms are created with an easy peasy drag-and-drop builder and have progressive profiling capabilitites for when you want to learn more about your prospects, but don’t want to scare them off with a lengthy form. They can also validate email addresses, and the data they gather for you will sync seamlessly with your CRM.

  1. Organic and paid search

It can actually integrate with Google Adwords to determine campaign ROI, analyse keyword performance, and track your revenue. Pretty handy, that.

  1. Social posting and profiling

You can schedule email campaigns and social posts from Pardot. Plus, you can measure engagement by tracking prospect interaction with social campaigns and post to multiple platforms. This also helps a bunch with social profiling so you can target your campaigns better.

Email marketing

  1. Intuitive email builder

Pardot’s email builder is visual and easy-to use. It has responsive out-of-the-box templates, fast formatting options, and custom design and hosted content capabilities. You can send emails that are 1-to-1 or 1-to-many, no sweat.

  1. Automated engagement programmes

Engagement studio allows you to create marketing journeys that take a lead from a visitor to a customer with smart automatic triggers. It gives you a visual lead nurturing canvas with testing and reporting integrated. With this, you can schedule emails and auto-respond to forms and landing pages.

  1. Personalised messaging

With content that changes based on a prospect’s engagement, automatic segmentation to target more effectively, and custom from address and signature based on the assigned account manager, your prospects will think you’re a bit of a mind-reader.

  1. Optimised sending

Pardot includes A/B testing to show what works and what doesn’t, rendering and SPAM filter check-ups, and industry-leading email infrastructure and deliverability. All this helps you figure out what the best kind of email is to send — backed up with cold, hard data.

Sales alignment

  1. Engage campaigns

Sales can send marketing-approved mini campaigns to their prospects and drop leads into nurturing tracks from their CRM or the Salesforce1 app. Plus, they can track interacion with messages sent through Gmail.

  1. Real-time alerts

You can be the first to respond to the hottest prospects and see what’s happening in between sales calls. Get these alerts via email, desktop, or mobile — whatever gets your attention.

  1. Activity tracking

Pardot has detailed prospect activity history which can help you create more relevent conversations. Anonymous tracking even starts before the point of conversion. Access this tracking info in your CRM, Gmail interface or on your smartphone.

  1. CRM integration

Get a clear view of how your marketing efforts turn into sales, and give sales acess to important customer insights without interrupting their workflows. Plus, integrate with loads of cool features on the AppExchange.

ROI reporting

  1. Return on investment

Pardot helps you tie individual closed leads back to your marketing team’s efforts. You can analyse your campaigns successes by channel and initiative, and connect all of your marketing efforts to your sales data.

  1. Lifecycle reporting

You can check the health of your marketing funnel with a singular glance. This helps you find where opportunities are getting a bit stuck, and adapt your marketing efforts to close deals more quickly.

  1. Advanced email reporting

Basic metrics like clicks, opens, and more are always available, of course. But you can also send smarter emails with SPAM analysis and rendering previews. Visual engagement reporting reveals what grabs your recipients’ attentions.

  1. Connect your fave tools

Tie programs like webinars and live events to your revenue, and see how each customer interacts with you across all your channels. Plus, you’ll be able to instantly analyse the true value of your Google Adwords campaigns, all from one user-friendly interface.

How quickly can Pardot be set up?

With the Quick Start package, you can get up and running with Pardot in 10 days. You’ll get project planning, CRM integration, technical set-up, marketing asset and integration set-up, plus training and support!

If you want to learn more about the Pardot Quick Start, check this page out — it was basically made for you!