• Emily Malone

WEBINAR: oe:gen and LIVES team up to provide mental health tips and resources during the pandemic |

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Do our colleagues, friends, and family know we’re there to support them? Do we all feel comfortable talking about mental health? How can we help each other right now? And how can we look after ourselves?

During the current pandemic, sometimes a simple “how are you?” can become a heavy question to be presented with.⁣ Checking up on each other is so important right now, but it can definitely feel like an overwhelming conversation to have.

That’s why we’re spending next Wednesday chatting to Ian Tomlinson, a Mental Health First Aid Trainer from LIVES – the Lincolnshire charity that supports 700+ highly trained and dedicated volunteers who deliver vital care in those first critical moments.

Ian came to us a few months ago to deliver a mental health awareness half-day course to a handful of volunteers from the oe:gen team, and led such a positive, thoughtful, and engaging conversation about improving mental health in the workplace. We came away feeling like we’d gained more tools to work towards removing the stigma around mental health, promote more open conversations at work, and do our bit to create a society where everyone can thrive.

This Webinar will focus on having those conversations about mental health, spreading awareness, and providing tips and resources for looking after yourself and others during the pandemic – touching on balancing work and home life.

With a live Q&A chatbox, you can ask Ian any questions you might have throughout the webinar, and he’ll try to answer as many as he can at the end. We’ll also end on providing a list of vital online resources from LIVES to help you during this time. 

You can sign up here. And it’s totally free to attend!