• Emily Malone

We’ve got new team members!

We’ve added a lovely bunch of newbies to the oe:gen team. So, as always, we thought we’d freak ’em out a little and ask some prying questions. I’d like to introduce you to…

Our new web developer, Mike.

Role/Specialisms: My role entails working at the forefront of web design. I ensure that client needs are consistently met whilst working closely with the project managers and other members of the development and design teams.

Interests: Motorsport, swimming, tennis, photography and Nottingham Forest.

One random thing about yourself no one knows: I’ve appeared on (the original) BBC Top Gear three times.

Qualifications/Certifications: ICT Diploma (Software Development), City & Guilds Diploma for IT Practitioners, and Hubspot Inbound and Design certified.

Our sales support manager, Neil.

Role/Specialisms: My role is to support the sales team by monitoring, exploring, enriching and distributing our inbound sales leads, and keeping our own CRM/database up-to-date and tidy. The latter is a bit like cleaning your house though, you think you’re on top of it and then someone messes it up again!

Interests: I’m a lifelong Stoke City fan, which over the years has supplied me with a lot of highs and unfortunately a lot of lows as well. I also love animals and nature especially my own Border Terrier, Alfie, and we both really love walking. I also love spending time with my friends and going to the local for a couple of pints or 5 or 6 pints or maybe even 7.

One random thing no one knows about you: I’m oe:gen’s very own B.A. Baracus and Dennis-Bergkamp. Not because I wear a lot of gold chains or because I’m a football genius, but because I hate flying with a passion; I’d be so happy if I never had to get on a plane again. My way of thinking is: “if it’s man-made, it can break.” Boats are the future and I can swim, whereas I can’t fly.

Qualifications/Certifications: I’ve done most of my learning at the University of Life, but I do also strangely have a City & Guilds as a Barista and an AMTRA certification, which allows me to write out prescriptions for animal medicines. All very random, I know…

However, since I’ve been at oe:gen I have been keen to complete the Hubspot Certifications and to get involved with as many aspects of the business as possible!

Our Salesforce configurator/developer, Martin.

Role/Specialisms: Salesforce Process Automation, Reporting and Dashboards, Profiles and Permission sets and Page Layouts are my main area of experience. I am building my knowledge using programming tools such as Triggers, Apex Classes and Visual force pages.

Interests: I like exploring the world and extreme sports. I also like spending my weekends and holidays outdoors and enjoy being in the mountains all year round.

One random thing about yourself no one knows: During one of my ski vacations I was skiing and I managed to reach 130km/h. This was and still is my fastest run and a personal record.

Qualifications/Certifications:  ADM201 Salesforce certified administrator, Dev401 Salesforce certified developer, Master in Finance from South-West University (Bulgaria).

Our Salesforce Developer, Adam.

Role/Specialisms: Sometime in the past, a crack coding unit was sent to prison by an Admin court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Nottingham underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as Developers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can hire The Dev-Team!

I work along with our other decks to make the magic happen behind the scenes. I specialise in Apex coding and I’m one of a few people who find debugging relaxing.

Interests: I like to travel as widely as possible and love to experience different cultures and traditions. I have a keen interest in online gaming with friends and am training to compete in the Nottingham small-bore rifle competitions.

One random thing about yourself no one knows: I used to be in a Goth/Rock band called ‘Shard’ and had hair so long I could sit on it.

Qualifications/Certifications: Undergraduate degree in Physics from Canterbury University and Masters in materials engineering from Nottingham University.

You might have noticed we’ve not got any nice photos of the guys at the moment. But we promise they’re real! They’ll be added to our About Us page very soon. Until then, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn for useful stuff, and updates on life at oe:gen HQ.