• Emily Malone

Upcycling: Old blog posts never die, but can they be too old?

After visiting HubSpot’s Inbound 2016 conference I’ve had internal discussions (with colleagues — not just in my head!) about ‘repurposing’ or ‘upcycling’ older content to maximise your bangs-per-buck…

Last week I shared someone else’s LinkedIn post about the term ‘H2H marketing’, which is a term I’d first used in 2005 — only it was the far cooler lower case version ‘h2h’! This share has now had nearly 2,500 views, beating my previous record by about 2,300!

So I Googled a few of my old blog posts — one’s I’d written between 2006-2010 — before I stopped blogging completely — before I started again  — before I stopped again… and now I’m starting again—ish [extreme Writer’s Block, anyone?].

I’m keen to see if any of this content is still useful  — a lot of it is definitely still topical, especially around ‘community relevant marketing’ [CRM 2.0], deep persona segmentation, NLP techniques and behavioural stuff? Here are some random examples I found which I quite liked:

  1. Visionary – China stuff – 2005

  2. Hilarious podcasting puns – 2005

  3. SEO Long Tail / “Making up more words” – 2006

  4. Neuromarketing in B2B – 2009

keep calm and repurpose old blog posts

So what do people think? Is any of this likely to be ‘evergreen’ or ‘pillar content’-worthy?

  1. “The End of Websites” [play on words, i.e. the ‘purpose’ of websites]

  2. Extreme DM techniques

  3. NLP and Persuasion Techniques in e-mail marketing

  4. The new agile agency model.


I’m not sure I’m any the wiser/clearer after writing this — what do you guys think? Let me know if there are any of these topics which I could expand on and maybe create a new version, or add some newer thinking?