• Emily Malone

The power of problem solving is running away

Hey there! I’m Alex, and I was welcomed to the oe:gen family just over four months ago, moving away from the client side to the glamorous world of business analysis! It’s been an awesome journey so far, and I must say, the thing that struck me most within my first few weeks with oe:gen was just how different each client is. I was used to being locked away in my Administrator cave, working away on one instance of Salesforce. Now, I’m being introduced to a plethora of Salesforce clients to understand the distinct services they offer, the vastly different requirements they have, and the unique way in which Salesforce is used by each one.

That’s the fantastic thing about Salesforce, and the part that sparked my interest when I was introduced to the platform only a few years ago. It has the power to do almost anything, favouring clicks over code in its design philosophy (nothing against the coders out there, you’re amazing!) and the many features that are always spilling out of it. The sky’s the limit, and I’m lucky enough to not only read about these things, but work with clients on a daily basis figuring out how to use these and deliver solutions to them!

So, let’s reminisce! I’m sure many of you admins, configurists (that’s a word, right?), developers or combined Salesforce badasses have been sat at your computer more than a handful of times, cursing under your breath because a validation rule, process builder or an awesome feature that you switched on ten minutes ago isn’t working or displaying properly. You’ve done exactly what the guide told you to, and it’s driving you crazy. You’ve re-tread your steps, done some googling, and slowly your face is inching closer and closer to the monitor before you realise that hours have gone by and you’ve come nowhere close to solving the issue.

Well, I’m here to tell you that not only should you walk away but you should frolic, skip and run as fast as you can!


So, let’s get it out of the way — yes, I’m a runner. And yes, I have all the annoying traits of one. I record my times, talk about things like “splits” and “cadence” and about running shoes way to much. I also go for runs during lunchtimes; often coming back with that energetic refreshed feeling that I’m sure annoys many of my co-workers… but how does running and problem solving with Salesforce make any relatable sense?

I firmly believe that the power of problem solving is not only running away, but having the fortitude and conviction to know when. Whilst we all learn valuable lessons from building up fountains of knowledge, we will always be presented with problems to overcome. We sometimes seem to convince ourselves that the best way to solve a problem is to keep hammering away; either due to a tight deadline, pressures from above or just the behaviour we’ve developed over time and resigned ourselves to that we “won’t move until I’ve fixed this!“ mentality. So, instead of sitting in front of these many conundrums watching the time tick away, I like to get my running shoes laced up, do some stretches and run away from my problems to clear my head.


Not only is it great to get a change in scenery, but the rhythm of putting one foot in front of the other, over and over, along with the euphoria, really helps me think more clearly. This means I can begin to think more clearly and come up with a number of possible solutions to what I was stuck on (usually Process Builder…). And that’s the thing about Salesforce — it has almost limitless power and more than one solution to a problem. And that’s all there is to it! The power of problem-solving is, well… it doesn’t have to be running. Just get out of that seat…