• Emily Malone

The oe:gen culture

Our culture is defined by our shared values, practices and beliefs. It’s present in our decisions, actions, behaviours and approach. As Pete said in his previous post, one of our goals this year is to define exactly what that is. We’ve received loads of positive feedback throughout the years from those who’ve worked with us; whether that be clients, visitors or employees. And there’s always one recurring theme: how enjoyable we are to work with. So, to be transparent, we’ve tried to articulate the culture which makes oe:gen so great to be a part of.

Each of the below not only applies to us as individuals but also how we work with one another and with our customers. So, let’s dive in…

One Team

  1. We all share one goal – to deliver great work and delight our customers.

  2. Our team favours collaboration and teamwork over silos.

  3. We enjoy our work and are passionate about what we do.

  4. Our customers are an extension of our internal team.

  5. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Continuous Improvement

  1. Everyone in our team is motivated to continually learn, grow and share knowledge to improve ourselves and those around us.

  2. We learn from our mistakes and work hard to never make the same mistake twice.

  3. We’ll always be a ‘work in progress’.


  1. We pride ourselves on being open, honest, transparent and positive.

Keep it Simple

  1. While the solutions we deliver are often technically complex, we always keep our conversations, interactions and solutions simple and achievable.


  1. We all take responsibility, and we never let anyone down.

  2. Problems are always supported with solutions.

We’re all in Client Service

  1. We’re all passionate about delivery of our solutions and delighting our customers.

  2. Communicating and building relationships with our clients is part of everyone’s role.

Delivery is King

  1. What we do, we do well.

  2. Using Agile principles, we release small and often.

  3. We’re mindful of and manage any risks that may impact delivery.

This isn’t an exhaustive and complete list; it’s a starting point to help us pull together and face the exciting challenges coming our way, this year and beyond. We feel that actively defining and believing in our culture will help our small-but-mighty team become even mightier. I’ll be posting more about how the oe:gen team work as our story continues, so keep an eye out!