• Emily Malone

The 5 L’s of lead-generation

There are generally two frames of thought on content marketing, the first is the easy one — throw a tonne of content out there and hope that some of the bites are the ones you want. The second is the initially harder, but far more effective — targeted, rich and valuable. But coming up with an idea which will attract the right prospects to your business isn’t easy. 

Here are our five L’s of lead-generation which will help you make sure your lead-gen ideas are watertight before going live with a campaign.

1. Locations — physically as well as online

Where do your prospects go? Where do they ‘hang out’? When do they go there? Understanding this will help you to dip your lead-gen rod into the right spots. This can apply to both online and physical locations. When coming up with fresh ideas, knowing your prospect’s locations is essential, as this is the venue of the idea. Write this location down right now, and your lead-generation idea has begun.

2. Language — speak theirs

Here’s an exercise for you which you can do today; call five of your clients for a catch-up call and ask them about their experience of your product/service. Make notes of all the keywords which the prospects use, and keep these in a word bank, if you use HubSpot to store buyer personas then add these keywords to the notes. By mirroring your prospects language you’re naturally building rapport with them when marketing to them. Write these key words down underneath their location.

3. Loyalty — an offer on an offer

Take one of your current offers (e.g a piece of content, a coupon, a free consultation, a demo/taster) and marry it to a new offer. For example, if you have a free ebook download, follow up with an offer to send them a free physical copy. Or if you have a free coupon download on your website, throw in a second coupon for a different product which they weren’t expecting. Appear generous and always provide double the result as the expectation. 

4. Leadership — help and lead, don’t sell and plead

It’s 2017, and by now we’ve realised that most people don’t like being sold to, but love buying — humans are complex. So it’s important to appear as an advisor and a leader, rather than a salesperson with a target. When crafting a lead generation idea, make sure that the message which comes across is one that emphasises helping the prospect, rather than emphasises selling to them. 

5. Lateral thinking — get in their shoes and walk their walk

By putting yourself in your prospects shoes you’re able to be critical of your own ideas, whilst improving them. Once you think you’ve got the perfect lead-generation idea and have ironed out the fine details, take a step back and bullet point exactly how what you’re offering can help your prospect. Try to be literal and fact-based e.g “It provides five practical approaches to their problem”, avoid general spiel e.g “It helps them to become more efficient”.

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