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Salesforce + oe:gen for Non-Profits: The power of what we do

As anyone who has worked with Salesforce, you'll be aware of how much Salesforce have supported Non-Profits since they started. Marc Benioff has made it a mission of his to get business to give back to charitable causes including being one of the founders of Pledge 1%. Salesforce offer benefits to Non-Profits who adopt Salesforce to help run their operation.

At oe:gen, we're committed supporters of Non-Profits and have delivered many projects successfully over the years and feel we're in great place to offer other Non-Profits our services to help deliver success.

We recently did a webinar where we highlighted the work we've been doing with Non-Profits where we had guest speaker Seb Czakon from Shell Foundation to talk about his experience of working with Salesforce and oe:gen on their project.

To watch the webinar please follow the link below:

Salesforce and oe:gen - the power of what we do

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