• Emily Malone

Ryan’s oe:gen story

I’m leaving again — for the umpteenth time! But this time I’m off to the snow-capped mountains of Banff, Canada. I’ve worked on-and-off for oe:gen for something like 10 years, and when I look back, I realise there have been some crazy changes over the years. So before I head off, here’s my tribute to oe:gen and some bits about what’s changed during my time here.

From working in the back of a printing factory to having two offices

I mean, the old office has actually been demolished, it was that old! And at one point, the office was literally in my house — any meetings we had were held in the dining room.

Now, oe:gen has grown to the point where the office needs to expand, so we’ve now knocked through to the office next door. The expansion is also set to house The oe:gen Academy — to help younger people get introduced to the Salesforce world.


From building websites to being Silver Salesforce Partners

Which is no small feat! Having seen the whole business model and product change completely, it’s amazing how oe:gen have adapted so quickly to the changes in the technology market.

The best thing is, oe:gen has kept the skills and ways of working that were applied to building websites, and applied them to building Salesforce Communities. Keeping this attention to detail and having this background in web design and creativity has made oe:gen one of the top partners for building Salesforce Communities.

From a team of four people to 20 people under the oe:gen banner

Seeing the team members grow from the founding-four to the team of 20+ people it is today really shows how much has changed in the past 10 years. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure to work with has been amazing, and the great thing about oe:gen is the people on your team always become your friends. More people has meant there’s more support, a whole variety of new skills available, and different personalities all combining to make a better and more dynamic workplace.

And as you can see below, our Salesforce team of two has grown a tad, too!



From doing some Summer administration work to a Certified Salesforce Consultant

I have also grown so much over the years, and oe:gen are a big contributing factor to that. I began doing database admin stuff during one of my school Summer holidays. fun fact: the systems back then were so slow I had to have two separate PC’s on the go to get anything done!

I then went on to study Business at college, and about five years ago I came back to oe:gen to start learning Salesforce — without having been to Uni or anything. I worked alongside Paul on our first Salesforce projects whilst learning the ins and outs of Salesforce. How I wish Trailhead was about back then!

After coming back to work here a few times since, I’ve now done a few more certifications; one I’ve had to do again, and another which is the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant cert.  It shows how supportive oe:gen are at training up young people. They take people like me, who had never heard of Salesforce before, and turn them into full-blown Salesforce Consultants! And they give anybody the chance to kickstart their careers. (Psst, click that link right there to kickstart yours).

But the culture has never changed

People have come and gone and loads of things have changed, but one constant has been that oe:gen has kept a fun and friendly culture. Every person I’ve worked with here has embraced it, and it makes for a really great place to work.