• Emily Malone

Quick Guide: How to use Hubspot’s prospects tool

As a salesperson, wouldn’t your job be ten times easier if you already knew who wanted to potentially buy from you?

Hubspot‘s prospecting tool allows you to invest your time in discovering who’s already interested in your products instead of who you think might be interested in your products. And this quick guide will talk you through how to use it.

Firstly, the HubSpot prospects tool can be found on the main Sales toolbar at the top of your Hubspot interface, under ‘sales tools’.

The main page of the tool will show you all recent visiting companies to your website, hit ‘Preview’ next to a company name to see exactly which pages they’ve visited.


The prospects tool allows you to analyse which pages are most frequently visited by companies. Which will help you to determine which services they are interested in, how to connect with them, and with which content?


Once you’ve determined a (or some!) good fit company (or companies) who are snooping around your service pages, it’s time to do some digging (we prefer the term stalking) into who the human being working for said-company is.

A great way to start is Linkedin. Search both by company name and job title, and then search for job titles linked to your buyer personas. In the example below, I’ve searched for Marketing Managers at Hubspot.

Once you’ve found the likely individual to have browsed your site, use a google chrome plugin such as Hunter to find their email address. Or, pick up the phone and get connecting.


Extra tip: Hubspot Sales Sidekick for Google Chrome will tell you when somebody visits your website, live.


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