• Emily Malone

Quick Guide: How to identify HubSpot to Salesforce integration errors

So you’ve got Salesforce all nicely integrated with HubSpot, but you’ve noticed some contacts are still struggling to sync. Here’s how to identify what’s gone wrong to break down this wall between Sales and Marketing:

  1. If you’ve got Salesforce integrated, there will be a dashboard of your Salesforce integrations inside HubSpot.

  2. From your HubSpot dashboard, you’ll need to click your little circular profile icon, then ‘Integrations’.

  3. From here, navigate to ‘Salesforce settings’ and ‘sync errors’. This is the first place to look when these kind of things happen.

The dashboard will then show you the percentage of health your integrations are at, with a list of the causes and details on how to fix it. So, any sync errors the integration has picked up but hasn’t been able to resolve on its own will be laid out in front of you. You just have to click the ‘details’ bit to find out more about each sync error.

Now, at this point, there’s two things you can do yourself in an attempt to fix these issues.

  1. Retry syncing contacts You can attempt to resolve the error by clicking ‘retry syncing contacts, which will force the integration to try again.

  2. Create a static list Or, if the error persists, you can create a static list of the contacts while addressing the error. This is so you can have all the contacts affected by the sync in one place, in order to resync them when you’ve finally resolved the issue. The list will be available in Contacts > Lists.

After you’ve gone through each error and attempted resyncing, any rogue contacts should now have synced between HubSpot and Salesforce. If so, your sync error dashboard should look a little something like this:

Salesforce to HubSpot sync errors.png

However, if you’re still having trouble — create that static list, contact us, and we’ll dig into the problem for you.

Anything else you want to learn more about? Suggest a ‘Quick Guide’ in the comments section below and we’ll get working on it for you.