• Emily Malone

Quick Guide: 3 steps to building a HubSpot blog subscription email

Your blog is your business’ voice. In its simplest form, it’s the main medium where you communicate your top-level value to your visitors. If you build a subscriber list, you’re able to continue that conversation over weeks and months, automatically. And by providing your audience with consistent value with these blog subscription emails, you are, with each post, increasing your chances of converting your subscribers into customers.

So, here’s the quick guide to setting up your blog subscriptions in Hubspot (because it’s a question that’s been pretty popular around here, recently!).

1. Find where your blog subscriber options are hiding.

In your Marketing dashboard on Hubspot, navigate to ‘Content’, ‘Content settings’ from the toolbar. In the ‘Content Settings’ page, select ‘Blog’ from the sidebar, followed by ‘Subscriptions’ from the submenu.

Content settings tab HubSpot

2. Choose how often your subscribers will receive emails.

Within the Blog Notification Emails table, you can choose how often your subscribers will receive email notifications (instantly after subscribing, daily, weekly and monthly). Enable the frequency you want by clicking the sliders to blue.

email subscriber tab HubSpot

3. Edit the emails so they reflect your brand and tone of voice.

Edit the emails for the frequency(s) selected by clicking the ‘ Edit’ link. This will take you to the email which your subscribers will receive. From here, you can edit the subject line, preview text, who the email comes from, as well as additional recipients. You can also choose which day and time the emails are sent. When you’re ready – hit ‘save’ and ‘update’!


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