• Emily Malone

oe:gen are now a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner!

We’ve got some great news to share with you! All of our team’s hard work has paid off, and today we finally hit the Silver partner tier of Salesforce! We already knew we were dead good at what we do, but this means we’re now universally recognised as being dead good. Pretty cool, right?


What does being a Silver partner mean?

Well, it doesn’t just mean we’re allowed to stick a shiny new badge on our website. To go from a Registered partner to a Silver one, we had to work super hard to reach the target number of ‘points’. These points are accrued using a complex algorithm based on elements such as customer satisfaction scores, certifications, projects and much more. All this makes up Salesforce’s unique scoring system called the partner value score (PVS). The harder a partner works, the higher they score. And the higher they score, the higher the tier.


In short, our expert skill and ability as a Salesforce Consulting Partner are now universally trusted and recognised. This was a big part of our growth plans for 2018. And now we’re listed in the partner programme as Silver, we’re likely to become more widely recommended to businesses looking for a helping hand with their Salesforce org!

Next stop: Gold! But first, high fives all around.