• Emily Malone

New tool alert: Salesforce to email inbox integration

It’s tragic but it’s true that most of us spend a good chunk of our day in our email inboxes, either that’s responding to emails or sorting and prioritising unread or flagged items. If you’re a Salesforce user, you know how rubbish it is having to go back and forth between Salesforce and your inbox all day in order to find, create and update records based on your email updates. Thankfully, Cirrus Insight recognised this peeve and took action with an inbox integration.

I guess these guys thought it would make sense to be able to see records fit snugly inside their inboxes’ user interfaces as they read and drafted emails. So that’s exactly what they did.


Now you can see all the data about your contact in your record, their account, and all the opportunities or cases associated with that person — directly inside your inbox. You can also update or create new Salesforce records there, too.

Not only is this a huge time saver, but it can also increase user adoption of Salesforce. We all know it can be a bit tricky to introduce a vast new CRM to your team. This deep integration with their familiar email interface makes it a lot less intimidating and much more efficient to use. And because the main culprit of CRM failure is lack of user adoption, we’re all for that.


We did the 14 day free trial because we’re suckers for free things. But now we’re using it in our Outlook inboxes every day, and apparently it works amazingly in Gmail, too. Anyway, we thought we’d give you a heads up in case you weren’t aware of this handy integration! 

There is also the free Lightning for Outlook option available, which is pretty similar, as well as the Einstein-powered Salesforce Inbox which recommends follow-ups for emails via artificial intelligence.

If you want to learn more about leveraging some cool new features with hands-on demonstrations, come along to the next Nottingham Salesforce User Group event we’re hosting on March 1st. We’d love to hang out with you. Just click below to RSVP!