• Emily Malone

N.L.P. – “Neuro Linguistic Personas”

We love personas. They’re the bedrock of a successful content marketing strategy, digital strategy or website. If as marketers we aren’t getting the results we’re hoping for, then most of the time it’s because we need to go back and review our buyer personas!

If we’re not clear on personas then it’s difficult to be organised about our campaigns. Because campaigns need to be clearly aligned with a target persona and where they are in the buyer journey. Therefore, what’s the appropriate content we can produce for them at this stage? […content marketing 101!]

But, what about sending an e-mail to a number of different people who we haven’t segmented yet? How can we get the “best” tone of voice, how can we engage with a wide number of people with different requirements, different problems and require different solutions?

One way to address this is with the use of embedded CTAs using N.L.P [neuro linguistic programming]. Okay — so technically this is more to do with “character types”, rather than personas. It’s a sub-set — a deeper dive into the psychology going on… all very Derren Brown, do you agree?


What if we put some hyperlinks in our email which look like this?

It’s really important in today’s marketplace to have up-to-date information about prospects. So we want your company to get the best credit information on the market and to avoid any unnecessary risks.

By setting up a workflow behind the scenes, we can categorize people who react better to the language about attaining or achieving a solution. Which link/CTA did they click? Was it the non-risk-averse ‘get the best credit information’ or was it the risk-averse ‘avoid any unnecessary risks’?

Motivational segmentation picture.jpg

[This LAB Profile Methodology is based on NLP development by Rodger Bailey in the 1980s]

Based on a number of motivational layers, the diagram above shows how we can self-segment, to produce much clearer, engaging content and CTAs in the future. Whether it’s on a landing page, web page, or an e-mail offer.

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