• Emily Malone

My time as an oe:gen marketing intern

Hi there! Vicky here. Today marks my last day at oe:gen as a marketing intern and it has been one hell of a ride!

I want to thank the whole team — especially David aka. Digital Grandad, Emily and Paul, for providing me such a precious opportunity to learn and grow, through sharing their experiences and expertise in Smarketing, digital strategy, growth-driven website design and more. But most importantly, through striving to create all-round people-pleasing digital experiences for their clients.

Working with the team for the past month involved countless eye-opening and first-time experiences — not to mention that I also got Inbound and HubSpot certified (yay!) I can’t wait for the journey ahead of me, but here’s what I’ll definitely miss during my time here:

  1. My favourite tradition at oe:gen – Beer Fridge Friday (and of course, the Friday playlist!)

  1. The afternoon football battles

  1. Last but not least, Jaymie’s chocolate scotch eggs – Creme eggs with a glorious coat of chocolate brownie, yuuummmm!

So finally, thank you and goodbye for now!