• Emily Malone

My first week at oe:gen

Hi, I’m Beccy and I’m currently on my first week working for oe:gen, having crossed over from the other side…

I’ve moved from client to agency, having previously been a customer of oe:gen for eight years.

Within hours of my first day I was quickly struck with how much I was unaware happened behind the scenes from a client point-of-view. The team have always delivered over and above what I’ve asked for in the past, but now I’m seeing the work that goes into delivering that result.

Immersion is one of the first words I’ve been hearing a lot in my first week, and is a term which is applied throughout a project. Needing to immerse myself in my client’s business, get to know their history, goals, systems and ways of working is task which I personally find very exciting.

From being a client previously, I understand some of the challenges our customers are facing when trying to deliver their digital strategy. Having to work with several departments and teams on many different projects, whilst also dealing with pressures from customers and a European HQ.  It’s also where I see the immense value that our unique Salesforce services can add.

I’m also hearing lots of P words – Planning, Process, Phased and People. I’m learning that all work needs to be planned in with the correct team and must follow a workflow process to meet the agreed client expectations. But it’s also about learning a more agile approach to this, and how working through sprints and phases can add real benefits for customers in terms of delivery and planning future development. There’s no time wasted!

There are also some similarities too, especially when it come to the amount of cake in the office! My second week has just started and the learning curve has taken another step up. I can’t wait to start meeting clients, and will keep you updated on my progress.