• Emily Malone

My 7 takeaways From Salesforce World Tour

We’re all safely back in the office after our trip down that London Town last week to the Excel centre, where we were part of the 15,000+ Salesforce (SFDC) fan base. We even got some blindingly on-brand T-shirts printed for the occasion.

In true blog post style, here are the top 7 “things” that caught my attention.

Takeaway #1 — “Safe Harbor”

We know that we have to take SFDC demonstrations with a pinch of salt — but they’ve now started calling their safe harbour statements… “Forward-Looking Statements”.


Takeaway #2 — Beefburgers

The beefburgers which were served for the lunchtime snacks in the main customer expo were really good — considering the mass catering.

Takeaway #3 — Customer-Centric

We’ve been using this terminology for about ten years — but Salesforce were all over it this year!


Takeaway #4 — Aston Martin

The demonstration of the end to end customer journey which Aston Martin have built out on SFDC was very inspiring. Lots of ooohs and aaaghs — I wonder what the budget was?

Takeaway #5 — TRAILhead

Jaymie chose to get himself a cuddly toy rather than any of the free training manuals…


Take away #6 – Robots are cool…

There was a very cute robot called YuMi who wrote his name on a tablet, which presumably then linked through Docusign to update the SFDC record.

Curtis isn’t convinced, though. I think it freaked him out a little:


Anyway, there we have it. My 7 takeaways from this year. We’re looking forward to the next! Maybe next time I’ll leave the HubSpot bag at home…