• Emily Malone

Meet our newest team members — Jaymie and Curtis!

There might be a disturbance in the force in 2016, as we’ve only gone and hired MORE amazing humans.

As such, we’d like to introduce you to them!  Discover “ooarr”s, Wendy the Frenchie, and some questionable superpowers as we ask the guys 9 “essential” questions:



Our fantastic new Salesforce Configurator!

  1. My super power would be… The ability to heal – I’m very accident prone!

  2. My guilty pleasure is… Classical & Jazz records.

  3. An unusual fact about me is… I originally set out to be a Chef and a Farmer (ooar.)

  1. If I won the lottery, I’d… Open a restaurant at the top of Mojácar Pueblo and buy a reliable motorcycle (or perhaps a car?)

  2. My favourite animal is… realistic – Alaskan Marmalute, Fantasy – Grey/Artic Wolf.

  1. I laugh the most at… I have quite a broad sense of humour, but most? Anything inappropriate that I definitely should not laugh at.

  2. My favourite drink is… Red Wine or Whiskey Classic.

  3. My ideal adventure would be… Exploring the Alps on a classic motorcycle.

  4. I couldn’t live without… My family and my kitten.



Curtis is our Solutions Architect. He’s also a bit of a whizz on HubSpot, considering he passed his Inbound certification a mere day after he started working with us! (Admittedly he did have a bit of previous experience, though…)

  1. My super power would be… Telekinesis – although I think I’d probably get really fat, as it would give me the excuse to never have to move again!

  2. My guilty pleasure is… Musicals!

  3. An unusual fact about me is… I don’t have one eye colour… depending on what day/time you see me, my eyes go from brown, to green to grey!

  4. If I won the lottery, I’d… be incredibly boring, pay off debts (including mortgage), invest in property, and pay for a huge family holiday.

  5. My favourite animal is… an Orangutan! How can you not love this face?

  1. I laugh the most at… My stupid dog. Her name is Wendy, and she’s a French Bulldog:

  1. My favourite drink is… Alcoholic: Brewdog Punk IPA . Dr. Pepper if it’s a soft drink.

  2. My ideal adventure would be… driving in an RV across the US, from Boston to LA, stopping to see a few sites along the way.

  3. I couldn’t live without… my phone (answered on behalf of my wife.)

 Meet our newest team members