• Emily Malone

Make your visitors respond with a responsive web design [Infographic]

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

It’s happened, we’ve all become utterly and irrevocably obsessed with our mobile devices — ceaselessly commanding the internet with the taps and swipes of our fingers. And as a result of all this, companies with responsive websites generate more leads.

Everywhere you look people are accessing the internet using their phones and tablets as well as (or even in place of) their desktop computers. But what’s happening on those mobile devices is the main interest of digital marketers like us.

According to think.withgoogle.com‘s Mobile in Purchase Journey report,  the 61% of UK mobile users all research or purchase products on their smartphone. That’s a huge chunk of people!

But it’s also incredibly useful to know when people are most active on their mobile devices, so we went looking for further answers and found some interesting stats.

Those UK users who research or buy on their mobile devices were asked where they are most likely to be found doing so:

  1. 52% said at home

  2. 18% said in a shop

  3. 19% said on public transport

  4. 25% said on the go.

They were also asked when they’re most active on mobile:

  1. 16% said at lunch

  2. 19% said in the early evening

  3. 23% said in the evening

  4. 14% said in bed.

It’s great to know these things, because after you switch to responsive design you can then begin to build and test your marketing around these places and times, in order to encourage more visits to your website.

Verve have created a pretty infographic on how responsive web design works for you: