• Emily Malone

Joining the oe:gen team during a pandemic: my remote onboarding experience

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Hi! I’m Mel. A few months ago, I accepted the role of Partner Alliances Manager here after moving from my job at Salesforce in London to oe:gen in Nottingham, and never in a million years could I have anticipated what was about to unfold. If you’d told me that we were about to embark on a worldwide pandemic and that I’d be starting my role, virtually, having met 5 members of the company, I’d have told you that you were mad.

Nonetheless, that’s exactly what happened. The day before BoJo officially put us all on “lockdown”, I picked up my laptop from an empty office (at an acceptable social distance from Pete & Katie) and prepared myself mentally for an extremely different onboarding to what I am used to – a virtual one.

My friends and family couldn’t get their heads around how this would be possible. I, however, accepted the challenge and prepared myself mentally for what it could be like. I’m fairly used to working with people over video calls having covered EMEA in my last role, so wasn’t worried about motivating myself. The biggest test would be doing shift work, trying to balance a new role and looking after my 14-month old, combined with not being able to meet my new team properly in order to build meaningful relationships.

If I’m honest, the first week was pretty exhausting. Having just finished maternity leave, using my brain for something other than singing nursery rhymes and nappy changes was challenging in itself! That coupled with trying to find a childcare routine with my husband that worked for both of us made a busy first week! But I’m delighted to say that 4 weeks in, I’ve accepted my new norm and I’m really enjoying my role at oe:gen.

It’s surprising how quickly humans can adapt to all kinds of situations thrust upon them, and what helps is that the oe:gen team have been so friendly and actually concerned that I would find it tough. The welcome they’ve given me has confirmed what a great company I’ve joined. They’re clearly a close-knit team who have great banter across various “Teams” groups and a get together for virtual drinks on a Friday afternoon.

I actually feel very privileged. In such turbulent times, I’m safe at home with my family and technology allowing me to start a fabulous new job remotely with an even more fabulous team. A big thanks to oe:gen for making me feel welcome – I can’t wait to meet you all in person 😊