• Emily Malone

If you build a Salesforce Community – will they come?

The classic sentiment from “Field of Dreams” – starring Kevin Costner…

Released in 1989 the film tells the story of an Iowa farmer who builds a baseball pitch in the middle of a cornfield [don’t ask why] – risking financial and mental ruin… The film ends with an iconic image as hundreds of cars approach in the darkness – result!

We’ve been building Salesforce Communities for over four years now and it occurs to me, that whilst we help clients build their dreams – we’ve never really been that involved with engagement strategies the clients are [or aren’t] thinking about?

Obviously, if a Community is built to replace a customer portal or service desk then people “have to come” – otherwise they can’t do, whatever it is they need to do! But you can and should still have a plan to tell them about the changes and manage/enhance their experience…

Or what about when it’s a new community being launched? If it’s a partner or channel community which hasn’t been tried before? How do you get people to make an effort to come to the site – to sign-up and take part…

Coming from a marketing, website and content marketing background – shouldn’t oe:gen “step up to the plate” […see what I did there? [A baseball metaphor] and say – “We can help you make sure this community flourishes!”

Whether it’s through the UX [surely “CX” is more on trend*], or content / messaging and news panels on the homepage, or personalised data, or just the kudos which comes from “belonging” in the gang.

So clearly there’s an element of “tribal marketing” involved – but what and where are the various touch-points? An e-mail campaign? An offline DM campaign?  A launch event?

Whatever it is – you can bet that someone here at oe:gen has been involved in a similar project and has some useful learnings for you…

ABH – “always be helping” – new motto for 2017!

* “Customer Experience” – but surely we can change to “Community Experience” – for the sake of this post?

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