• Emily Malone

How we joined forces with HubSpot to increase leads by 5X

David recently went over to Ireland to be interviewed by HubSpot, like the fancy-pants he is. Check out the video below to learn about our partnership with them, and how it has not only helped our clients, but our own business, too:

By 2014, digital services agency Oe:gen was searching for an inbound marketing solution that would suit both itself and its customers. CEO David Coe decided the HubSpot software would be a perfect fit for his client base of large SMEs and lower-end enterprise businesses; it had all the tools they needed in the one place and was at the right price point. Oe:gen signed up to the HubSpot Partner Program and has achieved tremendous results. It has boosted its website traffic by 240%, its leads by 5X and today, 40% of its customers are on retainers.

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