• Oli Freeman

How to make fast improvements to your Salesforce site with Accelerators

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

As consultants, we often have the same conversation with several customers around onboarding — of course it’s different people in front of us with different businesses, but we regularly encounter common user journeys with comparable experiences and data requirements.

We’ve taken our experience of common onboarding journeys to create an accelerator that improves the Experience Cloud onboarding journey, reduces time to delivery, and decreases the time it takes to realise value from the core Salesforce product from months to weeks.

With oe:gen’s Onboarding Accelerator, our tool provides a foundation that can be customised to meet the branding and data requirements of customers quickly, intuitively and with a solution that allows for self-sufficiency after deployment.

Badly designed onboarding forms lead to inaccurate data, poor customer experiences, and even loss of customers in some cases when they exit an overly-complex journey. If people experience friction during the onboarding process, we’ve seen it result in an increase in calls and emails to support teams.

How will it benefit me?

  • Improve data

  • Speed up UX

  • Make updates with clicks, not code

  • Save time and free up admins

  • Get over a month’s worth of complex work delivered in a single week

  • Make decisions and collaborate with the best people for the job

  • Discover and understand risks early

  • Feel confident about your decisions and gain results that last

  • Achieve stakeholder alignment quickly to make change happen

  • Overcome organisational barriers.

Using our onboarding accelerator

  • Users will be able to complete the form on any device, in a timely manner, with a great user experience built by UX design experts.

  • Onboarding Managers will be able to access information about on-going onboarding submissions easily, and be able to take action on these onboarding submissions with a few clicks.

  • Onboarding Admins can manage the multiple onboarding journeys and forms from a single management tool within Salesforce.

  • Senior Management can report on journey metrics and be able to receive proactive updates.

Using our breadth of experience creating onboarding forms for multiple customers, we’ve built a customer-agnostic, customisable Onboarding Accelerator. We’ve treated it exactly as we would have for a customer, from discovering and defining the requirements in workshops, to creating beautiful pixel-perfect designs that provide our developers with everything they need to build the tool.

The development has been completed in sprints with regular scrums and sprint ceremonies to help the team deliver the best possible solution, in time and under budget.