• Emily Malone

How to hire an in-house Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce Administrator plays a crucial part in an organisation’s Salesforce functionality and capabilities. They are the communicator between the platform and business stakeholders, ensuring meeting business needs.

So, how do you go about finding the right person in a growing talent pool, and what are the qualities you should look for in your next admin?


According to Salesforce, ‘Investing in your administrator will do wonders for your Salesforce CRM solution. With an administrator who is thoroughly familiar with Salesforce CRM, you’ll ensure that your data is safe, your users are productive, and you get the most from your solution.

How exactly are you able to find the candidate who has the right knowledge and, crucially, cultural fit for your business?

Your first step, as simple as it may sound, is getting your job requirements in front of the best people.

Due to the relatively niche nature of your needs, it can often be difficult to simply post a Salesforce job onto a generic job site. You’re likely to have to wade through a significant amount of irrelevant applications, particularly due to the word ‘administrator’ in the job title. This will crop up on a wider search and you’re likely to receive a lot of applications for those with a clerical background, not necessarily those with previous Salesforce experience.

The most efficient and effective way to hire an admin is by tapping into existing Salesforce networks. This can be done through a specific Salesforce recruiter or utilising social media to connect directly with local Salesforce talent.

A Salesforce recruiter has the greatest advantage as they can tap into an existing pool of active job seekers with the right qualifications. Utilising these services will be the most efficient method, mitigating the cost associated.

If you opt to hire independently, you can familiarise yourself with the community of social media. LinkedIn is the obvious starting point and is likely to yield the greatest results. That being said, Twitter shouldn’t be disregarded as an avenue. It’s a hub of conversation. Through scowling hashtags and posting your openings here, it’s possible to make connections with the right kind of people. Consider the serious investment in time which will be required and weigh up if this is a feasible method for your organisation.

Your needs

It’s important to consider what you need from the administrator. As an administrator’s role is based so heavily based on communication, it’s imperative your hire is a cultural fit for your company. Aside from this, the skills required can vary depending on the number of users they are expected to manage, as well if they are joining an existing admin or team of admins.

Additionally, it’s important to consider what kind of investment you’re willing to make in the new team member. If you have the time to invest in training, you can always utilise resources such a Trailhead and nurture a candidate who perhaps has less experience, but fits really well with your other needs.

A candidate who promotes their existing badges is assured to have a certain level of knowledge. Likewise, Salesforce certifications are a great way to measure someone’s experience and can assure you of a base level of skills.

Sidra Khatkhatay, Recruitment Consultant Team Leader at Mason Frank International, described some of the key qualities in this job role. “Salesforce administrators need to be able to demonstrate their ‘bedside manners’. As an admin, you’re primarily a communicator. You need to make sure you can effectively demonstrate your capacity to discuss Salesforce features.”

“Admins are the number one touchpoint for users across the organisation meaning they must showcase soft skills and likeability, as well as knowledge of particular experiences with the platform. Admins must have knowledge and enthusiasm for the product, demonstrating familiarity, but also highlight the areas which need development and further learning. This shows keenness for development which is something an organisation should love to see.”


Maria Baranowska is a technology writer and has a background in responsible marketing and digital media. She specialises in writing about Salesforce culture, recruitment, and business.