• Emily Malone

How to be Remarkable in 2016: Interactive Offers

What’s remarkable content?

As inbound marketers, we’re always being told to create ‘remarkable content’. This usually comes without much context, so it seems like a vague, nondescript attempt at an inspirational tip. How do we be remarkable? What does it actually mean? To elaborate, Arjun Moorthy of HubSpot says:

In 2016, perhaps a better definition of “remarkable content” is something you offer for free which others normally charge money for… [source]

So, in 2015, being ‘remarkable’ was creating and offering free ebooks or whitepapers that contain useful and insightful knowledge for your prospects. But as the year comes to its end, unfortunately for us, that strategy has now been almost entirely rinsed of its value.

But how has it changed?

To keep it short and sweet: these days, anyone and everyone is offering this kind of free content, so it seems much less remarkable.

To expand on this, Arjun explains:

This definition helps us realize why the eBook strategy, while still useful from an SEO standpoint, is played out. Everyone publishes eBooks with content and while some of it is still packed with insights, it’s less likely that anyone charges for such material so, relatively speaking, such offers no longer seem valuable. It’s time for a new type of offer.

So what’s next for us?

As inbound has always been about putting out helpful content, it’s time to think of a better way to do so in 2016.

So, next year, free training programmes, workshops, assessments, and evaluations are just some of the ways you could help your prospects gain more knowledge, not just about best practices, but also about their own businesses.

This gives them a much more in-depth, personalised helping hand towards improving their business, whilst simultaneously allowing them to build friendship and trust in your own.

They’re not just downloading something that could be forgotten about or read on the loo; they’re getting real-life, active interest in their business processes.

These interactive offers are ‘the new black’ of remarkable content, and will help you to give real value to your prospects and customers.