• Emily Malone

How oe:gen embodies its values

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I’ve been working at oe:gen for about six weeks now! That’s not a very long time, but I already feel like a firm part of the team and so fortunate to work for a company with such an amazing culture and values.  So much that I’d like to shout about it! oe:gen isn’t just dog-friendly (my Boston Terrier Elvis loves hanging out in the office), it truly embodies what it stands for. See below for oe:gen’s official values and my take on how they’re reflected in the company’s culture.

One team

oe:gen really is one team. The office is an open space with developers, marketing, sales, directors, project managers, designers, the business solutions architects and consultants all sharing one space; it is a very flat structure where equal value reigns supreme. As is the case with some other more traditional workplaces, oe:gen doesn’t operate a culture of barely visible executive members, privileged parking spaces and separate offices for the ‘more important’ members of staff. oe:gen is inclusive, treats its people equally and is the most supportive place I have worked to date.

Cultivate open and honest relationships

oe:gen’s open culture is reflected in the work environment. Meeting spaces don’t have any walls, and other than using a private space elsewhere in the building for chats about personal development, day-to-day meetings are conducted openly, and collaboration is actively encouraged.

Never be afraid to ask questions

When most people start a new job, they’re immediately in a position of unconscious incompetence, and I was no exception. I didn’t know what I didn’t know yet, but I was encouraged to sit in on sessions and to ask questions. This helped me figure out where I needed to focus my energy, so I can work on plugging my knowledge gaps with the use of Salesforce’s online learning platform called Trailhead (which is free for anyone to sign up and use).

Often in new jobs, there’s a sense that you’ve been hired because it’s assumed you already know everything, and there’s a fear to admit that there’s something you don’t know. oe:gen’s way is much more in tune with real-life; they know that we’re only human, that there is always something new to learn but that equally everyone has a unique perspective and value that they can add. Attitude and willingness to learn are more important than knowledge because the former isn’t something that can necessarily be taught. Which brings us on to the next value…

Continuous improvement

oe:gen fosters a culture of learning. If you love to learn new things to improve yourself and the work you deliver, then oe:gen is the place for you. Together with Salesforce’s Trailheads and the willingness of colleagues to help and share knowledge, and the encouragement to provide feedback on processes and ways of working, oe:gen is truly a fertile ground to learn and grow in your chosen career.

In fact, oe:gen runs a Salesforce training academy where anyone from any background or demographic can apply to learn all things Salesforce alongside real-life experiences — no qualifications needed — just a positive mental attitude and willingness to learn and contribute!

Focus on delivering results

oe:gen is customer-centric. One of the reasons I wanted to join oe:gen was due to their focus on working with the customer to deliver not only what they want but need in order to solve their business problems.

oe:gen is brilliant at getting into the skin of its customers to fully understand how Salesforce can add value and business impact. To do this requires collaboration and mutual understanding of ways of working. oe:gen isn’t afraid to say no to clients who don’t share the same values — something which contributes to its success at delivering the right results.

And finally, always be your authentic self

The most refreshing part of working at oe:gen so far is the freedom to express yourself (and to bring your dog into work!). In some previous jobs, I’ve felt constrained by prescriptive dress codes and codes of conduct where it feels like you need to leave your personality at the door and churn out work in an almost robotic fashion. oe:gen celebrates the diversity of its workforce by encouraging collaboration and inclusion, not only in the office but in the industry (check out the Salesforce Women in Tech events!).

oe:gen is a great example of a company that is committed to keeping the balance of working towards profitable business growth without sacrificing its great company culture – but don’t just take mine (and Elvis’) word for it, check out the Glassdoor reviews, they speak for themselves!

If you would like a career at oe:gen, send us a message!