• Emily Malone

How much does Salesforce cost? The 2017 update


Shiny new Salesforce logo

It recently came to light a post I wrote a couple of years ago on this subject isn’t really much use for people wanting to know the likely costs of Salesforce now! A lot has changed in the SFDC eco-system since January 2015…

So here’s the original version – but with the licencing and indicative costs updated!!


Sometimes our customers/potential customers have already had discussions with Salesforce [SFDC] directly – other times we’re the first point of contact.

Unsurprising the answer to the question “How much does Salesforce cost?” is usually – well, it depends on:

  1. What you want to do with Salesforce

  2. How many Salesforce licences you’ll need

  3. What kind of Salesforce licences you’ll need

  4. Who you want to work with on the implementation.


1. Salesforce for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Different companies have different understandings around what CRM means – we’re often called in to help facilitate cross-functional workshops to establish a clear understanding of the business benefits of a single view of data – whether it’s Accounts, Contacts, Sales and Financial information etc.

Remember the key benefit to businesses will be the management information which will be available.

INDICATIVE COST – Licences £60+/user/month – Consultancy and Implementation – £7,500+

2. Salesforce as a “Sales Force Automation” tool (SFA)

Pretty much out of the box Salesforce has a big tick for allowing the automation/semi-automation of routine sales activities such as meetings/calls/e-mails. Sales funnel, forecasting, reporting – it’s all good!

INDICATIVE COST – Licences £60+/user/month – Consultancy and Implementation – £5,000+

3. Salesforce for App development (Force.com)

oe:gen has been working with Salesforce [SFDC Partner] for the past 6 years and are often asked to integrate with other systems – or to use workflows to create a business application on the Salesforce platform.

INDICATIVE COST – Licences £20+/user/month – BA, Programming and Implementation – £15,000+

4. Salesforce for Customer or Partner Portals (Communities)

The phrase “The Social Enterprise” was coined by Salesforce a few years ago – and we’re now seeing the porous membrane effect – as more and more companies chose to transparently share more and more information with their customers and partners. oe:gen has delivered communities – to include UX and skinning to match corporate brand guidelines.

INDICATIVE COST – Customer Community Licence – pricing is now based on per user / log-ins – POA. Design and Implementation – £15,000+

5. Salesforce for Automated Marketing [Pardot]

Generate high-quality leads with Pardot’s tools to keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality leads.

INDICATIVE COST – Pardot B2B Licence – Licence £800+/month. Design and Implementation – £3,000+


If you’d like to discuss Salesforce with oe:gen – just give us a ring or contact us now.