• Emily Malone

How an online customer Community can help your PR team

We’ve talked before about how customer Communities can give your customers more control and free up your service teams, but they can also unlock a much deeper insight into your who your customers are, what they need, and how they want to be helped. And that, my friends, will really benefit your PR team. Here’s how.

They generate brand advocacy

The people who sign up to your Community aren’t going to be one-time-purchasers. In fact, they’re going to be a super-engaged audience who are passionate followers of your business. With this in mind, you can offer exclusive products or early-access to new products for Community members, to help generate loyalty and maintain that brand advocacy.

They’re a great medium for surveys

Creating surveys and recording insightful, new data is the key to creating original content that gets quoted in articles, shared around, and talked about. Communities provide the ideal space for putting surveys in the view of your loyal customers and recording those results.

They provide a space for feedback and reviews

Communities encourage engagement and feedback from your customers through their personal stories. They’re the perfect environment for discussing your product’s successes and disappointments. This means you can monitor your company reputation from one place.

And not only are ratings and reviews great for helping you improve your business, but they can also create positive PR stories, too. After all, your customers are your biggest influencers, and Communities help you gain access to a whole wealth of user-generated content that you can share to boost your reputation.

They help you research for new content ideas

Customers can have the ability to search for answers and help each other in a Community, that’s precisely why they’re so good for freeing up customer service agents! But your PR team can also use these self-help activities to create better content that resonates with your ideal customer. You’ll be able to start providing potential customers with on-point, valuable information that’s actually generated by your current customers.

They help you learn who your customers are

Communities really shine a light on who you should be targeting with your marketing efforts. As I mentioned above, the people who sign up for your community are going to be the most engaged, loyal customers. They’re not going to be a one-time buyer, and that’s exactly why they’re a perfect example of your ideal customer. This helps you create more relevant content around hot topics and issues in your Community to gain more customers just like them.

Increase sales with customer-led PR

In general, Communities provide a more measurable, in-depth, and ongoing level of content and engagement compared to what can be found on social media or at short-lived events. They’re a brilliant way to gain new PR ideas to attract your ideal customers, keep on top of your brand reputation, and make sure you’re not only maintaining customer loyalty but encouraging brand advocacy too.

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