• Emily Malone

Have you heard of Crystal? Well, she knows all about you

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Contrary to the suggestion of this blog post’s title, Crystal is actually an app, not your creepy stalker.

Sorry if the personification worried you.

You see, Crystal takes the information provided by what you’ve put onto your LinkedIn profiles, as well as other platforms, to create a well-rounded collection of suggestions on how to communicate with your predicted personality type.

It’s pretty amazing what it can do for your Inbound Marketing strategy, here are a few examples:


This backhanded compliment is supposedly the intro to my profile. While I’m now particularly conscious of my sarcastic trait (am I really that sarcastic?), the app has got it pretty much spot on.

Aside from the limited information given on my public profile, I can also take a self-assessment test, or get others to assess me for greater accuracy.

Crystal then proceeds to give out tips on how to speak to, email, or work with me.


I have to say this is pretty accurate for me, and this is before I took the self-assessment test. I can’t work out if that’s scary or cool?

During my initial exploration into the world of Crystal, I looked up some famous people because, alas, the power got to my head and I fancied being nosey.

Sadly, it didn’t tell me how to chat up Leonardo DiCaprio.


But I did stumble upon Barrack Obama’s profile, and it turns out that from the information given, Obama’s personality traits are nearly identical the ones given on our CEO’s profile… #DavidForPresident

After you’ve had a gander at all this information, it then provides an example of what phrases and words to use if you were to write me an email.


Pretty cool, right? Here’s another example of that from the chrome extension on Gmail:


If you add Crystal as a chrome extension,  it will come up with suggested words and phrases for emailing, and it’ll also slap  a ‘View Personality’ button on all the platforms you want it to.

For example, on LinkedIn, there will be a ‘View Personality’ button on each of your connection’s profiles.


This app is a fantastic way to help you work on your tone of voice when marketing towards your ideal personas. You can actually look up your customer and see what phrases and actions he or she will most likely connect and respond to.

Personally, I’m half excited, half scared by this futuristic inbound marketing tool.

What are your thoughts?