• Emily Malone

Happy New Year from oe:gen!

It’s the start of a new year, and my new journey as MD and leader of oe:gen begins in earnest. Unlike a lot of people coming back after the holiday season in January, I had a genuine sense of excitement for the year ahead and the challenges we’ll be facing. As a business, there’s a lot we’re aiming to achieve in the coming 12 months, and it’s my job to make sure we stay on track to deliver our goals.

Our goals

Growing sales, streamlining services, defining our culture, and starting the oe:gen academy are just some of the things we’re planning on delivering this year. And as well as driving all this forward, I have my own personal development as a leader to realise.

The oe:gen academy

The one I’m probably most excited about is the oe:gen academy — the prospect of bringing through young people from a variety of backgrounds, and inducting them into the oe:gen way. We want to give them an opportunity to work with the latest technologies, and develop a career that’ll set them on their way for years to come. Plus, because of the skills shortage in our industry, it’s even more important to attract people into tech and have a pool of talent for us to draw from.

That’s why I intend on visiting schools in the Nottingham area — to give presentations on what it’s like working in our industry, and what employers like us want from their prospective employees. We’ll hopefully at least inspire a few students… maybe, who knows?

Women in Tech

As well as attracting new people into our industry, we want to promote women in tech. So we’ll be coming up with initiatives throughout the year to help achieve that. This is something that many companies in our sector — and Salesforce particularly — are concerned with.

Building relationships

I’ve already made some great contacts within Nottingham City Council, who seem really keen to help us grow the business, build the academy, and make introductions to Nottinghamshire people who can share valuable knowledge with us in developing our vision and strategy.

So, this is the beginning of my journey as leader, and I’m expecting many ups and downs along the way as we drive oe:gen to the promised land of Salesforce world domination! I’ll be blogging regularly about the things I learn along this journey about growing a business, leading change, and of course, the oe:gen academy. So keep an eye out for those!