• Emily Malone

Empower your team with Salesforce Community Cloud

Today, the world is more connected than ever before; everyone with access to a smartphone or computer can effortlessly find whatever they want, whenever they want it.

People are now looking to social media for news, advice, reviews and human connections. They’re using mobile devices to do this wherever they like. They’re even downloading apps to make all of this easier to do. And yes, your employees are among these people.

The thing is, your team members now have these expectations at work. They want to connect, engage, and collaborate with others quickly and easily, online. This means you need to tune in and adapt to this growing digital demand internally as well. I mean, why not offer your employees the help, user experience, and ease you offer your visitors, leads and customers?

To do this, you’ll need to build your ways of working around technologies like social, mobile, and cloud, and develop apps to solve your team’s problems faster. Then after, you’ll need to be able to analyse the data from these processes to understand your employees, their roles, pain points, and successes as well as failures. This will lead the fastest route to fully engaged, happier employees and a more collaborative, efficient work process.

According to Salesforce, there are four key things you need to successfully achieve this:

 Standardised service, engagement, and experiences across channels for continuous, effortless service.
 Access to relevant and actionable information to proactively support employees and allow easier collaboration.
 A single, 360-degree view of each employee that incorporates all relevant information from other core systems, including history and past interactions.
 A method for empowering employees to help themselves via self-service, self-help options, and collaboration.

The ultimate solution? An employee Community.

By giving your employees access to a single hub to ask all their questions, log their cases, search for knowledge and collaborate with others, you’ll streamline the relationship between your teams. You might already offer this superior self-service for your customers with Salesforce Community Cloud. But for your employees, it really toughens the framework of the workplace and inspires a much more proactive, empowered team.