• Emily Malone

Driving efficiencies through sales and production working as one team

We’re calling the alignment of our sales and production process ‘sproduction’. It might sound like just another strange buzzword, but it’s vital in delivering our promises to our lovely clients.

If sales and production aren’t closely aligned, then we run the risk of wasting valuable time having unnecessary conversations and making incorrect assumptions. Even worse, we run the risk of not meeting client expectations, which simply isn’t an option for a team which always strives to over-deliver.

The sales team

As Pete mentioned in his post at the beginning of February, we’ve been reviewing our product and service offering. Now, these have been realigned, we’re focusing on the early sales conversations and the output we’re promising within a given time-frame and budget. By fine-tuning how our sales team articulate our delivered output, we’ll reduce any ‘grey areas’ and time involved to interpret what was expected as part of the original brief. It just makes sense.

The production team

As a production team, we’re reviewing who, what, how and when for each of our agreed outputs for each service offering. The aim is to reduce the noise and time required to have unnecessary meetings and conversations. Instead, we can use this time to increase the number of projects we work on and to always over-deliver. After all, we want to really WOW our clients. It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Appreciating the value of time to help us scale

Scalability is also a key factor of our review. We’ve got bold plans for growth this year and to achieve this, everything needs to be scalable – systems, processes, communication, productivity, and team empowerment.

For us, appreciating the value of time is key. To scale as smoothly as possible, we need to know how we spend our time — who, what, when and how! Our platform of choice to run oe:gen is naturally Salesforce. To help us improve our understanding of time and how we use it, we launched our very own salesforce driven timesheet system in January – look out for Ryan Tait’s blog which provides more details. I’ll write further blogs throughout the year describing our experiences scaling the other aspects of our business.

The opportunities available to us at oe:gen this year is so exciting, and it’s great working with a dedicated and talented team who are really engaged with our drive to continually improve, to be clever with our use of time, and to work as one team to meet our goals and vision for year.