• Emily Malone

Digital Marketing – In house vs Agency, the Math, the Risk, the Options.

A strong digital marketing team can make or break your business, it’s 2017 and this is now a fact of business. Whether to build your own team in house or outsource to an agency is a decision any successful business must make. Here are some of the main benefits of hiring an agency to solely run your digital marketing efforts, or give your current team a helping hand.

The Math

Your bottom line matters, and if you can cut costs without sacrificing the quality of your marketing (infact, possibly improving it), why wouldn’t you?

According to Totaljobs.com the average salaries currently in the UK are:

Digital Marketing Assistant: £21k Digital Marketing Executive: £27k Digital Marketing Manager: £37.5k

Let’s say your inhouse team consisted of just 3 staff (the ones above for arguement sake), that’s a total of £85.5k in wages per annum, that’s before pension contributions, training costs and of course milk and coffee. Now I’m not suggesting having NO marketing staff in house, merely illustrating the sort of bunce you will pay for good staffing in house.

Now take the second option – the agency, you could pay anywhere between £2,000 – £5,000 per month to have the following at your disposal:

Digital Marketing Manager Content Writer Website Designer Digital Strategist Account Manager SEO Executive

whilst saving yourself a cool £22.5k per annum (in this typical scenario)

Risk To put this frankly, if your agency isn’t cutting the mustard, you can probably say farewell to them at the beginning of the next month. The ROI you see from hiring an agency is likely to be quicker, and more apparent (as agencies love proving the ROI which they make for their customers). Before you know it you could be a boastful ROI figure on their website.

Therefore, the risk is pretty minimal.

If it’s Pardot that you’re getting started with, outsourcing to an agency comes highly recommended, giving your inbound marketing a kick start with ready to roll expertise is a sure fire way to see results fast! Due to Pardot’s depth, it can take an in-house marketing a number of months to really get to grips with the key features, whereas an agency can tutor your team through the learning process.

The best of both worlds If your company possesses a marketing swiss army knife of an employee, hiring an agency to assist with your marketing may be a suitable option for you as opposed to outsourcing entirely.