Digital Commerce continues to surge as shops reopen

As the UK and other countries slowly start to open more physical storefronts, you wouldn't be totally insane to think digital sales would go back to normal. However, what you would be, is WRONG.

Salesforce's Q2 Shopping Index actually shows us that the growth of e-commerce at the end of April continued to skyrocket for the entire second quarter. Just look at this digital traffic and order growth chart from Salesforce:

If you're sitting there thinking "wait, what?", you're not alone. This is something that couldn't have been predicted. Global digital revenue in Q2 grew by a whopping 71% compared to the previous year, with traffic (+37%), conversion (+35%), and spend (+34%) all experiencing historic increases. And despite some areas of the world reopening faster than others, digital spend doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

How will our shopping behaviour change as the uncertainty of the pandemic continues into Winter?

There's an assumption that some folks are understandably continuing to operate in a risk-averse mode once the lockdowns are lifted, and this could be why the growth hasn't stopped.

With millions of people coming out of being furloughed, we could argue that spend will keep creeping up. However, Britain is predicting a recession and there are many who are sadly facing redundancy across the country.

The bottom line is we just don't know, all we can do is keep a close eye on what the data tells us, and predict based on our past shopping behaviours when there's a big change. For example, Salesforce have noted that the holiday season has previously resulted in more net-new shoppers turning to digital channels to complete purchases, significant increases in mobile and social buying, as well as the adoption of new omni-channel services like "buy online, pick up in-store'.

It's clear that during recent holiday shopping seasons, we have tended to adopt more online shopping behaviours that become our preferred way of doing things moving into the new year. Is this what could be happening here?

Will we eventually see digital growth go back to “normal”?

One day, digital growth won't be as 'aggressive' as what we're experiencing at the moment. But that doesn't take away from the fact we now have a new baseline. We could see the growth levelling off, of course, but we do have the holidays coming up, and it's smart to be prepared for a continuous surge of online demand.

To see where this data comes from and to keep an eye on how things are changing, check out the Salesforce Shopping Index. To learn about a B2B Commerce implementation partner that'll make your digital transformation quick and easy, click below.