• Emily Malone

Conversation as a service: Max virtual assistant

Last week, Elad Cohen from Apttus came along to our Salesforce User Group to give a talk about their latest developments in AI. During his demo, he revealed that it’s a lot more than the standard chatbot we initially thought it would be. Say hello to Max!

What is Max?

Max is a handy virtual assistant that uses a conversational interface. You can converse with it through text or voice, giving you a fast, natural, and engaging experience. Just add Max to a messenger app and it’ll join in the conversation to schedule events, prompt replies, add reminders, and execute complex business processes and daily repetitive tasks.

Here are some of the really, really helpful things Max can do for your sales team:

1. Encourages collaboration

Say you’ve sent out a request for feedback, or want to arrange a meeting, but someone isn’t getting back to you (there’s always one). Well, you can add Max to your chat to prompt fast replies and send out reminders.

2. Guides and coaches you through your business process

You’ve just added some new salespeople to your team and want to get them quickly up to speed with your business processes. Max can direct, guide and coach these people faster, at any time. It’ll answer any questions they might have, and will even suggest next steps.

apttus-chat-guide (1)-1.png

3. Executes repetitive tasks

Max knows sales folk like you want to be out there selling as much as possible, but you still have to complete some pretty mundane daily tasks to keep everything in order. Max can quickly do this for you, all you have to do is ask. This gives you more time to get back to what you’re best at — selling.

4. Searches for contracts and checks the status of leads and opportunities

If you want to check the status of your leads and opportunities, you just need to ask Max. Which is much quicker than searching through your database yourself.

5. Proactively recommends the best actions to take

Max gets smarter with Apttus machine learning. It can compare customer and sales histories to gain insights that help you decide on which steps to take next.


6. Integrates with Salesforce

So you’re on your way back from a meeting and you want to quickly update an opportunity or make a note. Just tell Max to do it and it’ll appear in the correct record inside Salesforce. It can also notify your sales team of new opportunities.


What makes this virtual assistant so great is that it’s available any time, anywhere. If you get a sudden thought in the middle of the night (or even on the loo) and need to do something quickly inside Salesforce, you can get Max to carry out this request for you.

Plus, it doesn’t feel like you’re talking to a bot! Max virtual assistant knows how to engage with you conversationally, like you’re talking to a friend or colleague. It helps you make sure you’re not forgetting anything, and even suggests ideas to help you sell better. It’s pretty amazing, really.  If you’re interested, Apttus offer demos of Max, so why not try it out today?

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*All images sourced from Apttus