• Emily Malone

Cloud Flow Designer is getting a revamp!

We’ve all been waiting for this for a very long time here at oe:gen. Cloud Flow Designer is soon to receive a HUGE revamp, and it’s getting a new name – Flow Builder.

No Salesforce administrator should have to write code, and this is the exact reason for Lightning Flow’s existence – it’s one of the final tools we tend to reach for before we need a helping hand from a developer, and it’s up there in the list of my favourite Salesforce tools (yes, that’s a thing).

Salesforce are boasting that the new Flow Builder will be faster and easier to use, and it’s built with four key design principles in mind – clarity, efficiency, consistency, and beauty.

The current tool for building Flows (Cloud Flow Designer) is Adobe Flash based, but Adobe Flash is being retired, which means that Flow Builder will be Flash-free.

In this official article, Salesforce have stated:

“The new Flow Builder includes:

  1. Familiar and intuitive shapes to make flows easier to read.

  2. Lightning-fast performance built with the latest technologies.

  3. Standard controls based on the Lightning Design System to make the builder more efficient to use.

  4. Simplified toolbox to make it easier to find the element you’re looking for.”

Salesforce have also said that the current plan (Safe Harbor) is that Flow Builder will be included in the Spring ’19 release. Best of all, you don’t have to do anything to migrate your existing flows. Both active and inactive flows will continue to run as normal.

As a developer, I personally find the current tool for building Flows (Cloud Flow Designer) quite intimidating at first, so I’m very happy that Salesforce are giving it some love and making it easier for administrators to learn and use.