• Emily Malone

“Business as (un)usual”

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

So, like many other businesses out there, we’re now all working from home while under the Government lockdown.

The transitions from a logistical and technical perspective went relatively smoothly. At oe:gen, we’d made the decision to run our complete operation cloud-based a couple of years ago.

Being a Salesforce partner influenced part of the decision, but also not having to employ people to maintain an internal infrastructure was the bigger driving force.

A couple of weeks prior to any Government restrictions being announced, we “stress-tested” the company and had everyone work from home for a day. This was in part informed by our Disaster Recovery process, to ensure normal business could be continued if we couldn’t use our offices. Three weeks later, we’re all working from home.

But what about the most important bit of this – the human part?

As a business we’ve always been open to flexible working and allow our team to choose when they’re in the office and when they work from home. There are times when you need those few days working from home to get some tasks done without any interruptions.

In a normal world, this all works fine. But in the current climate, there are added issues to deal with.

There’s the fact you’re working from home every day. You could be on your own and not getting contact with other people as you would in an office. You could be sharing your home office with your partner. There could be children to look after too. And that’s on top of dealing with the Covid-19 lockdown situation.

Everyone at oe:gen has had some sort of challenge to overcome during the first 2-weeks of remote working and the impact of Covid-19 becoming more real. But in spite of all of this, we’ve maintained a great team spirit and kept delivering projects.

I’ve seen and heard a lot of people say “business as usual”, but things are far from usual. We’re adapting to new world order and finding our way through it – this is what human beings are great at, adapting to change in challenging circumstances.

I must say I’ve been amazed by the response of our team to the current situation. Not that I ever doubted their ability, but how they’ve come together even more as a team to support each other and help the business through these tough times.

I feel very humbled to be leading a team of people like the ones at oe:gen – I never imagined in my life I would be surrounded by such a talented, dedicated, caring, honest and nice bunch of people as we have here.

Not all success can be measured by money, I feel massively successful already because of the culture and team ethic we have all created here at oe:gen.

Stay safe and look after each other.

Pete oe:gen’s Managing Director