• Emily Malone

Brace yourself! Winter is coming (for Salesforce)

It’s that time of year again; Salesforce is releasing their Winter ’17 update, which means half of our Salesforce team are getting excited over new features! (The other half are busy attending Dreamforce, so we understand their differing priorities…) This time, we’re getting steps forward, steps sideways (or backwards, depending on how you feel about it), and steps diagonally. So, just like we did for Summer, we’re listing our favourite features for the Winter.

1. Lightning navigation.

We obviously had to mention this, so we’ll get it out the way first. Sure, some people see it as a step back, but we quite like it. It’s easy to use and offers a click-saving feature to get straight to list views, which is just wonderful! Just click the drop-down arrow next to the tab name, et voilà!


2. Quotes to opportunities.

Another obvious one for us this has been the biggest preventing factor for the transition (although not for some of our lucky clients!) Now, I know this sounds trivial, but for many of our lovely clients, this is a major step forward!


3. Field help text is back with a new look and feel!

This is so simple, but it really does help us with user adoption.


4. All of the Kanbans!

You can now get Kanban on Leads, Accounts, Opportunities and Campaigns… with enhancements to the usability! Left foot, right foot SFDC — don’t get ahead of yourself!


5. Dashboards

We love the lightning dashboard editor but did feel it was missing a bit of old zazz. In Winter, loads of old features are coming back; table components, bar chart 100% stacks, gauge chart percentages, and cumulative line charts are just some of the key points, but there are others!

6. Embed Visual Workflows in Lightning App pages.

This is great! With the new skin and ability to display screen elements in two columns, it really opens the doors to what we can do with Visual Workflow.


7. Process Builder is becoming invokable.

Previously, only admins who liked to dabble in the odd Visual Workflow got to use the term ‘invoke’, unless they were helping out a developer colleague. But now, we can invoke our processes from other processes if you follow the right process. Clear as mud? Cool.

Basically, we can trigger other processes on objects that share a unique ID, like an account process updating some account fields (and because we’re dead good, we can automate that for you). You’re also able to do things like trigger a case process to do some case stuff. Soon you can go to the Winchester, have a pint and wait for this whole work thing to blow over because you’ve pretty much just automated everything. Boom.


8. And last but not least, THE WINKY SNOWMAN

What’s not to love? So far I’ve shown about 10 people this little guy and every single one has said “Ooh, cute! A winking snowman”. Actually, that’s a lie, one said it was creepy.


Well done Salesforce, for winning the hearts of your clients with a cute (albeit flirtatious) snowman and a Trailhead about Cats on social networks — #Catter. Anyway, we hope you enjoy Winter ’17 as much as we will. Of course, this is branded with the new ‘forward-looking statement’, which for those of you veterans, is just safe harbour (for those same veterans, I apologise but I’m not going to argue with my dictionary as to how to spell ‘harbour’). It’s also coming with a whole new suite of random error messages and annoying little unresponsive screen moments of course, but this is a relatively young product – just think of it as a toddler having a tantrum.