• Deanna Rubiano

Automate These 4 Crucial Marketing Activities Using Salesforce Account Engagement

Marketing teams have so much on their plate. Read how these four crucial marketing activities can be automated using Salesforce Account Engagement (formerly known as Pardot). 

From communicating with prospects to calculating marketing ROI, marketing teams have a lot to keep busy with. But with digital technologies enabling every business to communicate with potential customers at a mere click of a button, it has never been more complicated—and essential—for marketers to create campaigns that stand out from competitors.

How can marketing teams relieve some of their most time-consuming responsibilities so they can focus on overall strategy and growing their businesses? Salesforce Pardot could be the answer you are looking for.

What is Salesforce Pardot?

Pardot, which has recently been renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (MCAE), is the B2B marketing automation solution by Salesforce. With Pardot, you can simplify your marketing team’s responsibilities and increase productivity.

Here are four crucial marketing activities that you can automate using Marketing Cloud Account Engagement:

Lead Generation and Management

Stimulating the interest of potential customers in your business offerings is key to increasing future sales and, thus, growing your business. But you don’t want to generate leads; you want to develop meaningful relationships with them.

80% of customers place importance on brand experience as much as products or services. You need to provide customised experiences to cut through your competitors’ messaging. 

With Pardot, your marketing team can get a detailed view of your prospect’s activity via the software’s behavioural tracking methods–e.g. following your prospect’s interactions on your website. These in-depth data about their interests and where they are in the customer journey empower you to send personal messages to your leads at the right time. With customisable templates and a drag-and-drop builder, Pardot enables you to create appealing, branded landing pages and forms to help generate new leads.

To enhance your lead management, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement aligns your marketing and sales teams in one place with real-time alerts and triggers. Pardot automatically scores and grades lead and then hands the qualified ones to the sales team. Your marketing and sales representatives spend more time nurturing and converting the most promising leads.

Multinational retail business Torani is just one of the Trailblazers that use Pardot to drive leads and customer engagement. Torani designs personalised and targeted emails that generate marketing-qualified leads, which Pardot automatically passes to regional sales representatives. Along with other products under Salesforce Marketing, Sales, and Service Clouds, Torani has experienced a 25% increase in productivity.

Email Marketing

Even with the emergence of various marketing practices, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tactics for businesses. It has an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent. With the power to establish meaningful customer relationships, email marketing is an essential tool for your team to leverage.

But email lists of subscribers are ever-growing and unique; more and more customers desire targeted content. For your marketing team to have a winning email marketing strategy, you could do with the help of automation.

Pardot can help you deliver the right content to the right customer at the right time by automatically segmenting your audiences based on age, location, etc. Using data and triggers, such as website behaviour, the software can automatically run email campaigns at a scale that are relevant to customers. Pardot also lets you create and automate branching email paths based on new customer information you acquire. 

Take global manufacturer Stanley Black and Decker as an example. They had a daunting list of 35,000 emails without knowing who these leads were and what they did. They were strangers to the company. But Stanley leveraged Pardot’s email marketing automation capabilities and segmented that list. They were able to move from a batch-and-blast approach to one that is more targeted and allows them to connect to their end-users.

Personalised and timely emails show your customers that your brand is aware of and understands their individual needs and wants. This makes them more open to trusting and developing a relationship with your brand.

And if you thought you couldn’t get any more personal, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement enables you to create an even more personalised customer experience with dynamic content. This looks like emails with sections containing different content for different subscribers. Pardot makes it possible for you to push ultra-targeted content that will generate more customer engagement and increase your chances of getting them to convert.

Marketing Reporting

To evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts, you must monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns. With hundreds of metrics you have to track across your channels, you’re better off leaving this task to Salesforce Pardot. 

Pardot automatically collects and stores data from every content that you put out on each of your channels. From the sources of your best leads to your best-performing content, you’ll get all the information that you’ll need to determine your returns on investment in customisable reports. Pardot gives you all these on a single platform.

Automating your marketing reporting allows you to save your time for more valuable tasks, such as analysing the insights you gained. This way, you won’t waste resources in the future on strategies that don’t work. This is precisely what Piedmont Healthcare is doing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To boost patient engagement, the Georgia-based healthcare company uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud to send tailored marketing communications to patients. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement has been particularly useful in helping them regain patient volumes that they lost at the outset of the pandemic. That’s because MCAE has given them access to actionable insights that enable them to improve “messages, strategies, and tactics - without spending extra dollars,” according to Andrew Chang, Piedmont Healthcare’s Executive Director of Marketing.