• Emily Malone

8 things we love about being Salesforce developers

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship management solution. We love it, our clients love it, their customers love it, and now even cats love it.

Here’s just a few reasons why:

The Community

I’ve worked in bespoke system design for a few years now (Before I met Salesforce) and the support was always weak. Logging cases with suppliers for trivial things and waiting weeks to hear back or having to ‘wing’ my way through an update. Salesforce makes it really easy for Admins to configure and deploy updates, but better yet; when you run out of talent there’s thousands of community members who have either figured it out for you or strive to do so and Salesforce support if things really get serious.


I’ll start by saying I’m a cat guy. I love anything with up to 4 legs, basically. But what I love more is that Salesforce decided to invest time and money into what is, in effect, an April Fool’s joke.

Some have asked, “Why Catter? Why meow?” The answer is simple: Our community has demanded it.

Aside from the puns that I’m pretty sure were written by our CEO, I brushed up on a few Chatter related skills that were gathering dust and had a bit of a laugh on a Friday afternoon. Salesforce basically encouraged me to refresh my memory on something and have fun. Win Win!

Education and Training

Salesforce make it painfully easy for people to learn how to be an Admin or Developer. They even give you a free org to play with! They also make it easy to get certified, I entered the world of Salesforce Certified Administrators in my PJ’s and dressing gown sipping a cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning and if you don’t have the facilities to do it from home, there’s a fair few exam centres you can go to for the same price.


If you have the time, knowledge and determination you can literally do anything in Salesforce. I’ve laughed a lot about the amount of money my previous employers have paid to have a sub-par system built for them in six months, when it’s possible to do in Salesforce in six days. I’ve seen my colleagues build some incredible solutions, but Salesforce give you as standard a fully functioning platform as a vanilla build. Purchase your licenses and set up the basics, and you can import your data and start nurturing your leads and tracking your opportunities, from day one. Even better – if you can encourage IT to learn some new non Microsoft or Cisco skills, you can make it on your own!


Salesforce encourage you to log new ideas on the idea exchange and vote for ideas that matter to you, meaning you get to have some input in what features are released.


Salesforce updates regularly, but I’ve never experienced any measurable downtime. They update the UK servers overnight on a weekend and give you ample warning to notify anyone who works at 2am on a Sunday morning of the 10-minute downtime. They also give you fixed release times, release notes, pre-release sandbox access and post release webcasts. Critical updates can be activated at your leisure, or automatically. They can also be rolled back if they cause any issues.


Unless your org implements IP address restrictions and no VPN access, you can work from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection. I can literally work from our office in Nottingham on Monday, my kitchen on Tuesday and a beach in the south of Spain for the rest of the week (or year).

The people

Salesforce attracts a particular type of person, of course I can only compare to people I’ve met at events, my colleagues and my clients; but everyone who actively chooses to work with Salesforce seems to have the same mentality – work hard, have fun, enjoy your job. “Happy hens lead to happy eggs”, comes to mind.

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