• Emily Malone

8 Halloween marketing tactics you can learn from this October

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Everyone loves Halloween, it’s not just limited to greedy little sugar-starved monsters knocking incessantly at your door. No, everyone loves the spooky fun of Halloween, even brands. So here’s some of the best holiday-themed marketing we’ve seen knocking about.

ASOS’ tribute to ‘The Shining’

As a huge fan of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’, when I saw this post on ASOS’s Facebook wall yesterday I was immediately impressed by the depiction of Wendy Torrance. The wild, terrified screaming is perfect as the two actors re-enact one of the most memorable scenes in horror history. Then, the humour comes.

Check it out below to see what I mean.

Hereeeeee’s next-day delivery! 󾌩

Posted by ASOS on Sunday, 25 October 2015

REI Zombie Survival Guide

American outdoor sporting goods company REI released an excellent infographic responding to the common issue of fighting off zombies this Halloween. The best part? It’s also an advertisement for their own products as well. Who knew a cast-iron skillet would be so effective at slaying dead guys? Here’s me thinking I’d need a crossbow or samurai sword. Too much binge-watching of  ‘The Walking Dead’, that is.

View the entire infographic here.


Trulia’s housing scare report

In honour of All-Hallows Eve, real estate company Trulia conducted a survey of potential homebuyers to find out if, among other spooky questions, sharing their house with the spirits of former tenants would frighten them off a for-sale home. As it turns out, though, most house hunters are more afraid of clutter or living near a highway than sleeping in a former crime scene. Not only that but people are also just as horrified by bad wallpaper (12%) as by living at house number 666 (13%).

I guess the real question to come out of all this is, would you join the brave 9% who admitted they’d consider selling their soul for more square-footage?


Tesco’s ‘Spookermarket’

Tesco; those bloody pranksters. Although most of these are in the name of family fun (i.e not that terrifying), I reckon the seemingly self-motored trolley would confuse me right out of the shop.

Check it out below.

Disney’s ‘Hocus Pocus’ Halloween show

Now this one is far, far overdue, but still absolutely brilliant. ‘Hocus Pocus’ came out in 1993, and Disney have finally done the right thing and included the ‘sistah’s’ in a special Halloween show running throughout October. My inner child is ridiculously excited, like most others my age, so it’ll definitely attract some of the younger adults who might not even have kids as an excuse to holiday there. Smart, very smart.

Now excuse me while I go and sulk about my fleeting youth. Wait, didn’t these girls come up with a spell for that?

Cartoon Network’s Halloween Twitter competition

Yes I retweeted, yes I followed; yes, I do want Marceline Dr Martens.

This is a prime example of two brands teaming up to grab some more followers and free advertisement by offering a chance to win something. Cartoon Network have just gone a step further this October by creating this Halloween themed competition, and let’s face it, what self-respecting cartoon fan doesn’t want ‘Adventure Time’ boots? I mean, really?


7. Starbucks’ ‘The Frappula’

If you thought Starbucks were doing alright with the Pumpkin Spiced Latte this October and didn’t anticipate any other seasonal beverage, then like me, you were dead wrong. Starbucks live for this torturously addictive one-off shite. In fact, I think I can hear the directors counting their money in the background right now, laughing:

“von, ah ah ahh, two, ah ah ahh, three, ah ah ahh…”

Nevermind, I guess it probably does taste pretty nice; I’ve heard the bloody-looking bit is actually raspberry sauce, and there’s chocolate involved in there somewhere. Plus it looks like it’s dressed up for a Halloween party. Oh, and who can resist a punny name?

Great, they’ve got me again.


8. Sprint LG: So Real It’s Scary

This Sprint video went viral a couple of years ago, but it’s still one of the most brilliant Halloween pranks a brand has pulled in a while. In case you didn’t know, Sprint LG are a tech company. They used multiple TV screens, a lift, and poor unsuspecting strangers to create this great ad for their October sales. The idea is that when the lift floor appears to fall away, it looks so real that viewers will want to buy the screens, just for the sheer quality.

Happy Halloween guys!

If there’s any more great examples of spooky marketing you can think of, give us a tweet so we can all enjoy – @oegen