• Emily Malone

6 new Salesforce features we’re looking forward to in Summer ‘16

Salesforce (SF) plan to release their 50th major version, and in true form, have a whole host of new features for ‘Salesforcians’ to get excited for.

Here’s 6 of the best features our Salesforce team think you should know about.

Custom Apps & Tabs

That’s right, SF are removing the limits on Custom Apps and Tabs, meaning we can go crazy and create as many as we like! You’re still limited by your profile on how many custom objects you can create though, which is a maximum of 2000 for Unlimited/Performance edition.

Clone a Sandbox

Everyone who’s made vast amounts of changes to SF Sandbox would have come across this required at some point. You’ve got a sandbox that you need to copy into another one, be it to test potentially crippling amendments to a flow or code or just to test/start another line of changes on top, SF now gives you the option to clone a sandbox. At last we no longer need to create a new sandbox and deploy changesets between them.

Linking a Contact to Multiple Accounts

Okay, so most of us have found a way around this already – but SF are now offering a standard solution. You need to enable it, but once you have it will take the form of a related list on the contact page (once you put it there anyway). This isn’t quite what it sounds though, a contact must still have a parent (or master) account and is linked to other accounts via a similar method to ‘Contact Roles’, once done the contact will appear in a separate (‘Related Contacts’) list on the second account.

But for those of us who’s favourite flavour is vanilla, that’s not too bad! Providing you don’t need any workflows, triggers, validation rules or API access. For more information about this, click here.

Process Builder can now trigger more than one criteria

At last! Point and click admins who have avoided Visual Workflow all this time can now combine their Processes. When process builder was released, the more relaxed of us rejoiced, but still found it frustrating when we had to string a load of processes together by using picklists and checkboxes to change and trigger a new flow.

Fear not, Salesforce are now allowing us to choose whether a process should STOP at the end of a set of actions, or continue to the next criteria. That’s right, we get a choice! It could be time where we can start combining our processes to save space and troubleshooting time. Of course it’s still being given the Safe Harbour statement, but it’s definitely an exciting step in the right direction!

However, we probably should mention that if you’re running scheduled actions on a criteria node, you can’t have the process evaluate the next criteria,

Professional Edition has hit the gym (but so have the other versions!)

Users of Professional editions originally received very basic functionality. But now, they can use two Custom Profiles, two Permission Sets, Field Level Security, Process Builder (5 active process limit), Record Types (three per object) and they get 10 free developer sandboxes — although no change sets.

Other versions are also getting additional functionality, including more available developer sandboxes (Enterprise and Unlimited Edition get a partial copy too!), and the lift on custom tab and app limits mentioned in point 1 (yup, we were that excited by it, we had to give it its own section!)

Updates to Communities means, more power!

Communities are getting a major update, from profile driven page visibility, enhanced reports & Dashboards, insights, Allowing guest users to log support cases, security & moderation enhancements and easier navigation between Community builder, Developer Console and the Community.

SF will also no longer be supporting the Koa, Kokua and Napili templates older than Winter ’16. Those of us using Spring ’16 templates will be automatically upgraded, and those using Winter ’16 and older will have some housekeeping to do before you can easily and safely upgrade. Running an older version of a template doesn’t mean trouble immediately… Salesforce aren’t going to send you to detention, but it does mean they can’t support you when trouble does arise.

There are loads of other exciting features being released, including enhancements to Salesforce1, Lightning, picklist administration/centralisation, analytics and chatter, to see the full list, check out the Summer ’16 release notes.